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Question Who is creating the shortage?

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So I really have two parts to this question. First let me explain. I was part of a group that puts on an annual RV show so we set up five days before the show opens, marking off vendor spots, signage,and so forth. While walking the empty buildings I had time to look around with no distractions. No 1, I looked at many campers, TT, B's, C's, Couple of A's. To my surprise I found many with a manufacturing dates of summer and fall of (last year). And many were produced the first two months of this year. So is there a shortage?

No 2, I checked out many campground maps and what I was seeing made me ask this question. Is there a shortage or just a restructuring of campgrounds by their owners. Example, one campground had 315 sites. But only 64 for daily camping and the rest were seasonals. I saw this same thing on many other campgrounds as well. More seasonal then daily sites. So is it possible that owners are relying on the guaranteed 3-5 K they can get for their sites and know what their income will be. Plus the seasonals pay their portion of the electric bill. Maybe I'm wrong. But it sure got me thinking.


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