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 Einar Hansen
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We always tip when it seems that people are going out of their way to help us. And we have had many times when it comes back to pay off for us. We have been going to the same campgrounds for many years now, and for us tipping is like paying forward almost. We look at it this way: What Comes Around Goes Around. So why not show people your Best Side and that you appreciate what they do to help you. 

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Einer, I agree! "Why not show people your Best Side?" Great advice to live by! Thanks for sharing.

 Jessica H
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I'd like to throw in my two cents from the perspective of a volunteer coordinator at a federally-operated recreation project. When our volunteers sign up, they sign a service agreement that states that they understand that they will receive no compensation for their service aside from the amenities (campsite, laundry service, etc) that are laid out in their agreement and position description. For contractors, they are disallowed from further supplementing government compensation. So in more or less words, many workampers are not officially allowed to take tips.

That being said, these volunteers sacrifice A LOT and work their butts off to provide a level of service that you absolutely would not be able to achieve without their help. If you really feel like a workamper has gone above and beyond, they are certainly deserving of being compensated for that extra effort (off the record, of course...).

I'll also add that privately-run campgrounds may have different rules and expectations. There really is no hard-set rule for this one. 

Happy camping! 😊 

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