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We want better but not bigger


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We are a couple with grown kids. We met several other couples in our age group and we all said the same thing.  We want smaller trailers with more bells and whistles.   It seems you have to go bigger to get better.   We don’t want bigger; just better.  We need more couple camper options!

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The statement: "We want smaller trailers with more bells and whistles."

What "bells and whistles" would fit with a smaller trailer? In most endeavors, the first question to ask is "what is your need, your wish list, and how do those fit with your happy camper use?" Jot that down, and then make a list of "needs" and "wants" that fit your intended RV; that will determine not only its size but its cost.

We're an elderly couple; the kids are gone. We find that a small RV with basic comforts fits us perfectly. It rides on the ferry in a passenger or light truck space, at no extra fare. We can park in any parking lot in a single car space. We can easily fit and camp in any of the older state park campsites that are too small for the larger RVs, and we can maneuver through crowded urban traffic without problems.

Yet in that small RV footprint we have all the comforts we require, and "she who must be obeyed" delights in having a bathroom, a practical galley, a generous fridge, and a queen size bed in the evening. Yet the systems are basic and I can readily troubleshoot and repair all of them. That's our joy. And we use it, year round, a lot.


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