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Broken leg a month before Alaska Trip

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While camping in Wenatchee, WA area, I broke my leg in two places while out mountain biking. I joke that I was saving puppies from terrorists, but since I don't have any memory of the incident I suspect I swerved to avoid a suicidal chipmunk. My parents had a long planned Alaska fishing trip planned for my brother and myself to join them in four weeks, and I had to cancel it. It wasn't a case where I would take the RV and join them, but it also meant we had to cancel our RV reservations for our local State Park over then next three months, because I was laid up, on my couch, with my leg elevated. Luckily, I avoided surgery and eventually recovered 90% of my range of motion back. Sadly, several flounder and salmon managed to escape without my hook in the water.

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Just changed a reservation in the past hour!  My mother is in the hospital again, and I'm the only one to watch out for her.  We can never travel as far as we'd like because I have to stay within easy reach.


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