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Serious illness while fulltime RVing

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My late husband and I were fulltime RVers for 3+ years when he was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma when we were staying outside Richmond, VA. Our plans had been to winter in Florida, but those reservations were cancelled while we made arrangements for him to get chemotherapy in the Richmond area. Eventually, we decided to relocate to Houston for him to get treatment from the doctor who seemed to be recognized as the expert in Mantle Cell Lymphoma. An article in the Escapees magazine that "happened" to come just as he was recovering from the first chemo treatment told us of another couple who had decided to stop going back to upstate NY for treatments and checkups -- if you live in an RV, you can pick where you get treatment. The article gave hints and tips including telling of campgrounds that provided shuttle service to MD Anderson and other things that put us on the path to Houston.

Ultimately, it wasn't in God's plan to heal my husband here on earth, and he passed away at MD Anderson in Houston. But... I have the comfort of feeling that we did everything we possibly could for him.

Lots more to the story than I figure y'all want to hear... but see the positive of living in a home on wheels: it can take you where you need to be!



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