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Question Can We complain here ?

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Most RV blog sites are working for the RV manufacturers and suppliers so they will delete any message or  ban you if they don't like what you say.,, & are three of the worst. I am looking for a site where I can discus my serious complaints about an RV company, service or product without it being censored  Is this one of them ??????????????????

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Have never seen a site where people don't delete what they don't like 😑 

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We have attended the Minneapolis RV Show for many years except when it was not held because of Covid. It was a great, large, indoor show. So we were anxious to return this year but ended up being disappointed. Instead of having 10 or more of Minnesota's RV dealers there, there was only one - Camping World. Yes, Camping World dealers from one end to the other. Granted, it was now free to enter but all we saw were the same CW offerings over and over. I suspect the "deals" were not the same deals as years past when there was some competition. Sadly, we will not be back to the Minneapolis RV Show if it continues like this.


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