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2022 Jayco Precept 31UL Review


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After a 7 month wait, we finally took delivery of our '22 Precept a couple weeks ago. A couple corrections to your review:

1. The microwave doesn't have convection oven capability; it's microwave only.

2. The bunk over the cockpit is an upgrade option, and one my wife and I chose not to add. We like the additional headroom and larger cabinets. 

We love our new rig! That said, 

1. The tankless water heater takes some getting used to, but we have come to like it -- we simply dial in the temp we prefer (105° to 107° for showering, 120° for washing dishes, and turn the faucet all the way to hot. Just don't bump the faucet in the small 🙁 shower, or the water will turn c-c-ccold!

2. The sink in the bathroom is tiny. I'm only a bit over 5'-8" tall, and it's hard to shave, as the medicine cabinet (which we love) is just above it. My 2 adult sons, each over 6' and > 200 lbs would have to contort themselves or use the kitchen sink. 

3. They would also have trouble with the shower, as their heads are several inches higher than the shower nozzle, and the stall is small, limiting their ability to bend over to wash (especially without bumping the shower faucet as noted above.

4. We opted for the full body paint, and are extremely happy that we did. 


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