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(@Aftan Overturf)
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My husband and I are enjoying using our Bushwacker Plus but we would not recommend it to a friend for the following reasons:

excess silicone or adhesive borders frame every piece of trim which makes the thing look cheap and dirty.

I would take out the stove and increase the storage space for food stuffs.

When accessing the under bench storage there are no hinges. It’s a major pain to try to hold up the wood while looking for something.

There is no bumper which deletes several storage options.

(@Ken and Judy)
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We agree with everything you say about the Bushwacker Plus. Ours is brand new and our air conditioner does not work.

We made a piece of wood to hold up the bench so we don't have to hold it up while getting things in and out of the space underneath it.

We are hoping to find some ideas to add shelving that is easy to attach with Velcro and that will hold up enough things because we cannot drill holes.

Also, we have attached a shower curtain to go around our stand-up shower by using removable 3M hooks. We had to use duct tape at the seams to keep the water from getting out of the seams of our dry shower. The wallboard is flimsy and water can also leak between the walls and cause major damage. Be aware of this if you have the dry stand-up shower. We also have a shower curtain for the door of the shower. It works very well in keeping everything dry.

Our dealer has not contacted us regarding our air conditioner. We are not surprised by this.


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