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Motorized Cargo Capacity of Sprinter Chassis Class C

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I just read your review and comments about cargo capacity for the Sprinter based Class C RVs. I own the Jayco Melbourne 24L built on the Sprinter Chassis. I knew the cargo capacity before buying it but I also knew we were going to pull a small Chevy Sonic behind us for our trips. That expands our cargo capacity by at least a few hundred pounds if needed.  I always weigh in when heading out on a trip, so far we are typically hitting the GVW with the two of us but I agree, it would be very easy to exceed that total weight if you were not being careful. I specifically chose however to buy this size RV built on the Sprinter Chassis because of the excellent ownership reputation it enjoys. I'm very happy with our decision, it is an excellent motorhome to drive, and a great size for the two of us.

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This is an excellent point and appreciate your making it. I agree, if you're aware of the numbers then you should be fine. But I bet you're also an owner who properly maintains their rig and takes an interest in ownership. 

I have found a lot of people barely know how to operate the water heater (I see questions on line all the time - 'my water heater worked at the RV park but it doesn't work when I'm boondocking on electric - help.') 

I agree - this Class C size and the fuel efficiency of the Sprinter chassis are just unbeatable. By the same token why do RV companies put in so much "stuff" that the rigs are within a few hundred pounds of capacity? It's truly frustrating to me. 

Thank you for both reading the article and for the great reply. Happy camping!

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