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 Vickie L McClellan Benson
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Thanks Tony for another great review.  I read them every single day.  Always looking for my "next camper".  This camper looks like it would work well for many.  If they moved the entry door closer to the dinette, it would be even better.  I had a Nash that had that sideways couch.  Very uncomfortable and most definitely in the way.  Just try getting in the door with a load of "stuff". I removed the couch, and extended the counter space from the sink to the bedroom wall on the roadside with storage underneath.  Much more open, comfortable and usable.  Yeah, I know, you like couches, I don't.  Give me a nice recliner any day.

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Thanks for the kind words. That Cherokee 24JS is sort of a "classic" floor plan and I'm glad to see it back. 

As for couches, I took the one out of my rig as well for a variety of reasons including the fact that it was very uncomfortable. 

Instead we bring folding zero-gravity chairs which are lighter, fold up and much more comfortable. Plus, in transit, we can use the space for storage. 

You have a good idea there - pull out the couch, extend the counter and, perhaps, bring some folding chairs instead. I like it!

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