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I thought I'd open this forum up to discussion of the various electrified RVs including the travel trailers with motorized chassis plus the other inevitable announcements including the Winnebago e-RV. 

What do you think of these things? Do you love the tech, or dislike it?

I'm pretty fascinated by the tech, especially the trailers that can overcome their own losses from a driving standpoint. 

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(@Bob p)
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I’m sure this will develop into the future, I also think this has a long way to go before it’s viable. I also think before EVs can become common on the roads the electrical grid has got to be totally upgraded. Even though manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon from all corners of the globe, I don’t see one electric company scrambling to spend billions of $$ on new equipment or manpower to start this upgrade. Elon Musk, the king of EVs has said the grid will not support a major influx of EVs without the upgrade. Based on all this I don’t think I have to worry about my 2018 Nissan Frontier becoming obsolete in my lifetime, I’m 78 now. Right now this is all hype. Fast Lane Truck just completed the worlds tuffest towing test on a Rivian RT1 pulling an 8100 lb trailer/pickup up and down I70 in Colorado. They started at the bottom of the 8 mile mountain with 97% charge, at the top they were down to 15%. Going down the other side without using brakes the regen put 2% back in the battery pack. They had to exit to a charging station for 45 minutes to get enough power to make it back over the mountain. Not many RVers are going to want those conditions on their trip. That’s why I say EVs have a long row to hoe before they’ll compete with ICE powered vehicles.

(@Bob p)
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The big thing left out of the article is weight, the only EV trucks are 1/2T which most don’t have load capacity to tow a heavy tongue weight trailer. When an EV trailer with the weight of the batteries is hooked to one of the 1/2T EV trucks I suspect the tongue weight will be overloading the load capacity of the truck. Since nothing has been noted about this and the pics show the batteries mounted ahead of the axles I suspect that hasn’t been given a lot of thought yet.


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