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I just read your review about the Escape 21C, which was helpful, in terms of its comments about the high quality of the 'build.' I don't own an Escape, but am considering buying one, so was looking for info about the quality. In your article, you mention that it seems small. In fact my interest is in an even smaller Escape trailer: the Escape 17A. What separates it from any other small trailer I've seen on the market are two things: 1) its total exterior height, including a/c, is 8'8", so we can easily stand up inside it (interior height is 6'2"), but it will still fit inside my garage which has a 9'-high door; and 2) it has two decent-sized beds at opposite ends of the trailer. One is a permanent bed and the other can be made into the large dinette. This means that my husband and I can sleep together if we want, but since I don't sleep well and read a lot during the night, we can also sleep separately. The two bigger beds means it doesn't have a bathroom, but there's a spot for a porta-potty by the door, and there's also a wardrobe that might fit a luggable-loo or something like that. As you can tell from this, I am more of a rustic camper and not looking to bathe inside my camper.


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