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The rear storage in the back of the Ibex, is not new. I have a 2007 Holiday Rambler alumalite. It has a similar floorplan, only the sofa slides out. Not the whole floor under the sofa, just the seating part slides out,  it is 30' long and the dry weight is 4900 pounds, with a bed room in the front and a L shaped kitchen with actual counter space. The back of the trailer, with the double bunks are the same, along with the short door. Before I owned one, I use to wonder what the short door was for. People ask me all the time about it. I have kids and they use the bunks, but I still like the easy access storage under the bed, for chairs, grill, charcoal, etc. If I need to get deep into the stoarge, I just tilt up the bed. If I was in need of a large area for storage there is a fastener to hold up the double bunk that folds against the wall. I recently purchased this travel trailer, after a lot of research. I didnt want a travel trailer that  would disintegrate before I could pay for it, like many of the new cheap made ones. My only  other choice , airstream, was out of my price range. The only downside is the age, because some campgrounds tu4n us away. I fully reconditioned it, so it is not the looks, but the age. 


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