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Travel Trailer It may be too late but……

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My husband and I just bought a 2022 Wolf Pup FQ BL Travel Trailer in November/21.  (We are from Ontario Canada). We wanted a travel trailer that we could pull with our SUV.  WE love to take 2-4 day trips and visit various towns and sites.   We get tired or stating in hotels, motels and Air B and B’s.  We live in Muskoka Ontario - a beautiful cottage country part of Ontario.  Our friends asked us why we would want a travel trailer since we already live in a park….Muskoka. This is our first purchase.  We researched (a little) and then went to various dealers to have a look.  We had the same experience from different dealers and salespeople from your previous articles.  There are good ones and bad ones.  We are currently  in Mexico for the winter and are eagerly awaiting our new Wolf Pup FQ BL when we return in April.  Even though we have already purchased our trailer I would love to hear your review on this one.  We are novis  RVers so I look forward to your articles every morning.  

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Unfortunately I am in Quartzsite this week and have found that even with three cell phone plans and a booster I can't get enough connectivity out here to even upload a photo to the Internet. It's pretty dismal. I like Cherokee products in general - they tend to generally offer more than what one might expect in the more affordable "stick and tin" trailer. You might also look to some of my more recent reviews of Cherokee products as much will be similar in terms of qualitative values. 

Hopefully I can get back on line to where I can upload photos and such so I can get back on schedule!

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