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Most reviews are on trailors...motorhome owners being ignored

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While a number of RVers have trailers and 5th wheels, the RV reviews seem to ignore motorhomes which also constitute a significant share of RVers....we need a little balance here.




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So what I base my choices on are requests by RVTravel readers along with what's new and newsworthy. 

But for statistical purposes, all motorized RVs combined (Class A, B and C) represent less than 10% of total RV sales. The remaining 90% of sales are Towables. 

Further, I look at the number of readers who read the reviews and motorhomes don't get much traffic but some brands of trailers get gigantic numbers of reads. This is especially true of overlanding trailers but also smaller trailers and Airstream and Grand Design products. 

I certainly do plan to do more motorized reviews for sure but if it seems that the vast majority of what I write is about Towables, well, that's because that's what people are asking for in the requests and reading about. 

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