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Motorized Thor Tranquility 19P


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Tony, I’ve been reading your reviews for possibly 3 plus years. This one was straight forward, you pulled no punches or sugar coated your opinion. If I encounter this product I won’t waste my energy stepping in to take a look. MFG’s need to come to grip the reality that the quality and presentation of the final product will translate to more sales to us discriminating buyers. We have many options. Tony, Thank You for what you do.  

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Greetings, Leland. Thank you for the kind words. To be honest my goal is to always call 'em as I see 'em. There are many RVs, like today's Lance 1985, that I think are absolutely terrific. You can just tell the folks at Lance either really listen to their customers or are actual RVers. 

This Thor Tranquility is just the opposite of that. The review was difficult to write only in that I stewed on it for a while because I so disliked this model. 

Know that I always work to share both sides of the coin and point out the features that will absolutely make a difference over the long haul. Thank you for reading the reviews, I sincerely appreciate that and am grateful that I am able to serve this audience. 

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