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Question [Solved] What price should I offer a dealer off of MSRP?


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As we are considering a new RV purchase, what should I offer as a price off of the MSRP? 

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IMHO the unit is probably marked up 25%-35% based on prices for everything today. I would offer 30% off and go from there.

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Traditionally the dealerships would discount RVs about 30% off MSRP more or less. 

There are some hard costs that are just passed along like shipping, which has become ridiculous. For example, shipping a fifth wheel from Indiana to California right now can cost the dealership almost $6,000! That's insane. 

But due to demand and parts shortages some dealers aren't offering any discounts at all, others do offer a small discount. But, until supply exceeds demand, discounts may be difficult to come by. 

What I would do is look for a great local dealership who doesn't charge for things like the pre-delivery inspection and walk-through. Check out their service department and evaluate their reviews on line. Also the quality of the different brands of RVs can vary widely so look at the value and reputation of the manufacturer as well. Frankly, you can find the floor plan that you want from lots of manufacturers. 

Unfortunately the one thing you're not likely to find out there is a discount. The dealership I worked for has pages and pages and pages of people waiting for an RV so discounts are minimal. 

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