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Question Why Don't high end RV's have full size bathtubs?


 Teresa Simons
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I would love a diesel MH or a luxury travel trailer that had a full size tub in the bathroom.  They make the shower big but forget about us ladies who would like to soak in a tub when we have full hookups.  You don't run out of hot water with on demand water heaters so why not add a tub for those days when your aches need to be soaked away?

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This is an interesting question. I don't believe I've ever seen a large motorhome with a full-sized tub and I wonder if it has to do with weight or some perceived water use issue? 

I have seen people who do custom builds do tubs in their rigs including a couple that installed those free-standing tubs! 

The way we get around this is to just reserve RV parks that have spa tubs or jacuzzi tubs or, best of all, hot springs. But, still, great question. 

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