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Just read your article "How much air pressure do my tires really need?" I'm still somewhat uncertain of what tire pressure I should use for each tire. After a blow out on the 5th Wheel that had WestLake tires (ST235/80R16, Load Range G, with a 110 psi pressure rating) I replaced them with Hankook Vantra TH31 ST235/80R16, Load Range G tires. They are rated at 110 psi cold pressure and all have a manufacture date of 0922.

After the tires were installed and prior to a trip I weighted the truck and trailer at the CAT scales and had a good idea of the weight per axle per your article and thus a rough idea of the load on each tire, but still wanted to have each tire weighed. I stopped at an Escapee location and tires load on each of the trailer tires indicated a weight between 2800 #'s and 3050 #'s or roughly 5850 #'s per axle well below the 7000 # axle rating. I was unable to find a load table for Hankook tires to obtain their recommended psi for each tire. I reached out to Hankook directly and requested the loading for tires loaded at 3100 #'s per tire. The response back from Hankook was that the tires should be inflated to 75 psi. To be on the safe side I put 85 psi in each tire. This allowed for a safety factor and well below the 110 psi rating of the tires.

I'm looking for confirmation of my approach, am I going about this correctly?



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To my calculations you can even put 100psi in, and still the screws wont tremble out. 

This keeps the tires cooler, so they last longer. 

But you did not ask me, see what Roger comes to. 



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