Defective Tire ?
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Defective Tire ?


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On a recent trip my TPMS alarmed for the rear left tire on my 5er while on I-40.  I carefully watched the temperature and pressure while looking for a suitable tire changing site ASAP.  Temperature never rose above ambient and pressure never got below 51psi(run 80lbs normally).  Took the tire to a local tire dealer after changing to the spare to finish trip.

Dealer showed me an approx. 3" slightly raised bubble on INSIDE of tire.  While off the rim, the OUTSIDE of tire showed a slight indentation/flat area directly adjacent to the inside bubble???  Dealer declared tire defective and I agreed to buy new replacement.

Question, did this tire lose air through what dealer declared the defect? (there were no other visible nail holes/punctures).  Should I have kept the 3 year old tire(approx. mileage 6000 miles) and contacted manufacturer for possible remuneration?

Thanks for you response.

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With 6,000 miles it's unlikely a mfg "defect". The bubble and indentation are signs of a belt separation. There are other details to look at to know "Why" there was a separation. Do you have a copy of your weigh slip? What was the measured load on the tire? If you didn't keep the tire to turn in to the MFG it is unlikely there will be any "remuneration" without physical evidence.

A drop from 80 to 51 is certainly enough to set the TPMS warning off. What is your Low-Pressure warning level set at?  A greater than 36% loss of air is very significant.

Belt separations many times occur due to overloading and tire age.  DOT serial date?

Tire size?  would all be helpful information to arrive at the most likely reason for the failure.  Pictures too.



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