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Question Leveling on uneven ground

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Can a rig be safely leveled by supporting only one dually tire? Details to follow...

The other day, I was camping where the ground was somewhat uneven. When I was happy with my as-parked level, I got out and noticed that one dually was almost off the ground, and that corner weight was all on one tire (due to the uneven terrain). I added some leveling pads to help get some weight on the "air" tire, but it made me wonder what the problem might be with just leaving it -- with the weight on one tire. This is NON-DYNAMIC weight; I know that dually setups are designed, and specified, to temporarily support the entire axle end on one tire. Example: when rolling over uneven terrain.

QUESTION: if a tire is safe to ROLL over uneven terrain, is it safe to SIT on uneven terrain? If so, for how long?

DETAILS: my rear axle has 5000 pounds on each end; the wheels/tires are rated at about 4000 pounds. So, even with all the weight on one tire. it's only 25% overloaded in a static condition.


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