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"Max Pressure" on tire sidewall

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I found a post that ended:

The max pressure on the tire sidewalls is 110. I do not inflate tires to that. 100 (as is on the placard) is fine with me. Just my, humble, opinion on the subject.

I replied.....Minor point of clarification from a tire design engineer.

While the sidewall of many tires implies that the maximum pressure is xxx, the reality is that it is the Max Load that should never be exceeded. Since load capacity is a function of inflation and since the industry decided to establish the Maximum load for each tire, that is why tires say "Max Load xxx pounds at yy psi". Increasing the inflation WILL NOT increase the load capacity so it was decided by some committee back in the 60's to state the inflation that will provide that Maximum Load capacity. Thus the wording "Max Load xxx pounds at yy max Inflation". The only inflation number we should ever be measuring or concerned with is the inflation when the tire is "cold". Now the word "Cold" also introduces a problem as I have run into some folks that want to calculate some inflation value as if the tire were being refrigerated to 68F or some other temperature.
What is meant by "cold" inflation is the inflation when the tire has not been warmed up by running or being exposed to some external heat source.

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