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 Sheila Borges
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While we only travel about 4 hrs/day, do you adjust the tire pressure as you travel.  I check the pressure cold before I leave and make any adjustments necessary.  Do I need to check the pressure again periodically and make adjustments if tire pressure exceeds the max.  Example, My tires max is 80psi and I usually start around 75.  If I stop 3 hrs later and the tires are now 85, do I need to let air out?

 Roger Marble
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You DO NOT need to adjust tire pressure throughout the day as you travel. The general guideline is to set the pressure each morning of a travel day. We recommend you get and use a TPMS to give you a warning of any cut or puncture that results in air leak.

The "Max" pressure number on the tire is the COLD pressure needed to support the load number stated on the tire sidewall. It IS NOT the maximum pressure a tire can tolerate and certainly is not refering to a hot pressure.

I suggest that you can find answers to your RV tire questions on my blog



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