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Roger thanks for good tire info you give out. This might be topic you covered and I missed it, tire age when purchasing new tires. I have 1934 chevy street rod I replace tires every 5 yrs. with only 20,000 miles, they look new but it's not worth tearing a fender off to save few bucks, can't order a fender from amazon and get it the next day. What my point is I tell the tire dealer I want to see tire date before they mount tire, because one time they were putting new tires on that was 3 yrs. old. Dealer said he can't control how they rotate stock, it's my money and not going to accept them. I tell the dealer before he orders that a date with in last 8 months is acceptable and I think reasonable. I also told a friend that was going to purchase tire for a RV coach check the date and saw they were 2 yrs. old and was to pay $4,000.00 and he said he thought he would get fresh date tires.

Sooooo check tire dates before mounting, just my 2cents Louie. 

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Yup, You probably need to check and confirm the tire production date for the RV application which is different from than normal car or truck application. While the big tire companies try and follow FIFO  (First in First out) inventory control sometimes tires go from Factory Whs to a District Whs then to a big dealer. If the dealer doesn't sell the tire they might send it to another dealer who might send it back to a district Whs so tires can be in the system for a year or two.


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