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Hi Roger, we just got a new pop up camp trailer that came with a tire that I have never heard of. Any info I can find is in a foreign language. Was hoping that you had some further information on them from your vast resources. This trailer has no axle, two tires, dry weight of 5,159 lbs and a GVWR of 6,393. The tires are Chengshan Maspire M/T, M+S LT265/75R16. 123/120Q 10PR Load Range E. Trying to figure out the speed rating and other related tire information. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Looks like you have some Light Truck type tires on your Pop-Up. Some of us consider LT type tires as better than ST type tires with the same load capacity (see that number in small print on the tire sidewall) The reason we believe this is that the DOT qualification tests that LT tires must pass are more stringent and more difficult to pass. So if you had two different tires with the same load capacity in pounds there are more and more difficult tests the tire must pass if it is an LT type.  Since these are OE (Original Equipment) you will find additional information on the RV Certification label which in a Pop-Up should be on the outside, driver side of the trailer and toward the front. This label has important information such as the GAWR, tire size and recommended inflation.

While you may not have an axle tube under the trailer the trailer has attaching points which serve the same purpose so in your case GAWR is the maximum load you should ever have as total on the two tires.

The label should also show the inflation needed to support the GAWR and in your case I think it might be 80 psi but you should confirm by reading the label.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info,


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