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I know you just wrote about valve extenders and your set-up.  I did a little research and found another brand called Air-Flexx Valve extenders.  The post I say showed them to be significantly lighter and need no additional bracket.  What got my attention was that they wouldn't have much impact on tire balance. They look like a good answer although they might need a bracket with TMPS.  What am I missing? 

(@Roger Marble)
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I'm not particularly concerned with un-balance given that we are talking about only a couple of ounces that are close to the center of rotation than the tread of a tire. We are also only talking about rear dual tire applications with any vibration being damped by the weight of two tires on a drive axle that is 10' to 25' behind the driver.

My main concern with extenders is the need to ensure that vibration does not loosen the connections that can then result in an air leak. The complaints I have heard with extenders are air leaks and I do not ever recall hearing any complaints about balance. A quick check on Amazon results in a long list of extenders. Some are stiff metal and others are very flexible high-pressure hoses. I believe that any of the long extenders will vibrate, especially with the use of a TPMS, unless the outer end is firmly attached as seen here.



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