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 John Davis
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There was a previous question where you stated you knew of no rotation pattern for dual axle travel trailers. I have a new set of 4 Goodyear Endurance tires and was thinking of rotating them annually. Any issue between front to back only, or a rotation from side to side too?  Or will it depend on tire wear? I believe my axles are straight as no unusual tread pattern on the take offs. Thank you. 

 Roger Marble
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I believe that GY has said they see no reason to rotate tires in RV application UNLESS there are some irregular wear issues observed. I would agree with that point, especially on multi-axle TT due to the high Interply Shear forces that can initiate belt separations. Rather than rotating the tires I would recommend you do a Free-Spin Inspection each year of every 2 - 3000 miles. You can learn about both the Shear and the Free spin in my blog


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