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What do I think of Rettroband product?

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I have been asked a couple of questions about the Rettroband product. most are generally such as "Do you think these are any good" and more recently from an RV owner that had a tire failure and suffered significant damage to the coach.

Do you think Rettroband on the front wheels would have made any difference in the severity of damages and related repair costs?

My response:

"Good" is a relative term. As I see this product the intent is to limit the front end "drop" which should decrease the tendency of losing control of the RV. While I have not personally tested the Retroband I have worked on tires that were designed to decrease the "drop" and from my personal observation, reducing the drop can help the driver maintain vehicle control.

I have looked closely at the Rettroband. The intended purpose of the product is to limit the drop if a front tire loses all its air.

As you know from reading THIS post, tires almost always fail for one of two reasons. Air Loss or Belt Separation. The air loss always takes a little time and if you run a TPMS you should be able to slow down and stop before the tire comes apart. The Retroband should help you maintain control of the RV.

There is no consumer-level device that can give advance warning of belt separation so that is why a close and detailed inspection by a qualified tire store manager is needed every year starting at Year 5 for Class-A & Class-C motorhomes. Even if a tire looks OK it should be replaced at 10 years of age or sooner.

Yes, a flailing belt/tread package can do lots of damage and I believe that installing a cage strong enough to "contain" the tire parts would be difficult, weigh hundreds of pounds and still not provide complete protection.

The Rettroband is not designed to prevent belt separation but to prevent or decrease the loss of control after a tire has failed.

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Looks like a great safety feature. The band is higher than the wheel rim. 


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