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Question Charging a Tesla or really any ev with a non inverter generator

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Hello, I have been experimenting with the idea of using a propane generator to charge an ev. I know it’s not a new idea, but I wanted to see if it was possible in my situation. I have a Westinghouse dual fuel 12000 watt gas / 10500 watt propane rated generator I purchased in 2022.  The other day I charged a Tesla successfully 1out of 3 times. I am guessing that the other two times were not successful because I was not using a grounding plug or because it is not an inverter generator. I had thought that I had a decent chance of getting this to work since the generator was high quality, but likely not. My question is do I need to switch generators(who even makes an inverter generator that size) or do I need a grounding plug, or both? Maybe it is something else I overlooked which is more than possible. Also was wondering if this setup would work for a less complicated vehicle like a bmw i3 or maybe a Nissan leaf? Thanks.


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