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As an chemical engineer I appreciate your analysis of the value of supplementing power to an electrically driven vehicle with a secondary gas powered generator.  Several other stratagies, however, for extending vehicle endurance remain to be discussed.  The first is adding additional after-market battery storage, an option that has application in an electric truck or RV.  The second is adding a fuel cell and alternative fuel such as hydrogen/nickel hydride.  The latter is not in the offing for most drivers due to the lack of ready access to supplies of hydrogen, and safety concerns for storing a gas capable of auto-ignition during expansion (negative joule thomson effect) at high pressure. 

The former strategy, however, opens up the potential for optimizing battery performance over the life of the vehicle and the option of simply swapping out the supplemental battery with one that is pre-charged (as opposed to the current system of taking the vehicle out of use while charging).  It also enables supplementation with new and improved battery types as technology advances.  This strategy isn't viable with today's electric coupes and sedans but is viable with present day pickups and semi tractor trailers.  Your thoughts?


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