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Question Lithium Battery Winterization

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 Larry Lucas
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Hi Mike! Really enjoy your articles. You are THE MAN when it comes to all things concerning RV electricity. Just finished reading your latest article on winterizing an RV with 6-volt lead acid golf cart style batteries, however, I have three Battle Born Lifepo4 100ah batteries with a 300-watt solar panel setup on the roof on our RV and am thinking that winterizing with this setup might be slightly different that what you already covered in the mentioned article. Some questions I'm thinking about is if I should simply let the solar panels provide charge when the sun shines here in the Pacific Northwest or should I leave it plugged into our home 110 outlet. If neither of these, should I disconnect the batteries and store in the garage? Wondering what the best option would be! Thanks in advance for your expert assistance!

 Dennis Wieske
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Hi Larry,

In general LiFePO4 batteries have very little internal discharge.  Maybe up to 2% per month.

I have a battery that was fully charged in December last year and left it disconnected until October. It was showing better than 96% SoC.

Battery manufacturers are all over the map as to proper long term storage.  Store it at 50% SoC, store it fully charged, keep it on a float charge or even discharge and recharge every one or two months.  It seems like there is no standard.

The one thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturer is providing the warranty for your battery.  Check the recommended procedure in the manual or contact the company.  Their warranty, Their rules.



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