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Question new travel trailer, wondering if wired correctly

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Hi all, 

We have a brand new Coachmen Apex nano 208 bhs.  It has the 'solar' package which includes an additional panel, 'Go Power' solar/battery controller, 1750W inverter.  I asked for an additional 100Ah AGM battery so I could run in parallel and have increased house bank capacity.  

Picked up the rig last week.  Love it, but wondering if the system is wired up correctly.

I attached a labeled pic here of my setup.  Hopefully it makes sense.  

A few things I noticed off the bat: 

1) I don't see that the batteries are in parallel.  They seem isolated from one another.  Perhaps I don't correctly understand how the solar/battery controller works and maybe this "parallels" the two batteries at the controller, but I don't think that's how it works.  

2) When I unplug from shore power and see where the current is going from the panels,  it seems like the controller charges the left battery (I labeled battery 1) first.   I determined this by putting into boost mode and seeing what the battery voltages did-- and battery 1 went to 14.3V while Battery 2 stayed around 12.5V (I had some 12V load on the system- fan, lights etc, and there was approx 2.5A current in the cable I labeled 'house' that runs from battery 2.  Incidentally when I'm on shore power with Converter on this cable seems to be charging the battery with like 80A.  Would that make sense for house cable to be same as converter charging cable?)

So here's my biggest question:  Why is my house cable going to battery 2 and while apparently the solar controller is treating other battery as the primary/battery 1?   Shouldn't "house" come off primary battery?  

And- if simply connect pos to pos and neg to neg making these parallel and "one" system with 2x capacity, does it matter where anything is hooked up since essentially then it would be one big battery?  

I know my terminology and understanding is probably off-- so hopefully you are able to follow me here.  Would love some input!!!  Thanks.  





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