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Nuisance GFI outlet trip at 15 amp shore power outlet

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In a previous articicle you mentioned a work around for a nuisance tripping gfi. My motorhome in storage is connected with a 15 amp gfi outlet with a dogbone adapter to my 50 amp shore power cord. With the inverter disabled and the batteries disconnected, I still get nuisance trips. I checked for hot skin and looked at visible grounds and all looks good. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I had a similar problem with my Winnebago. The solution is to feed the RV from a non-GFI source of power.

GFI is intended to protect single devices; since the RV is a composite of many devices, the collective current leakage can easily exceed the trip point of a GFI circuit.

GFI trips at a 30 ma current in the ground (if I remember correctly), which is what you might get from one device. When several individual devices are on the same circuit, each can leak nearly 30 ma and trip the GFI breaker.

Inside the RV, the designers should have put GFI circuits where they make sense, like for the outlets in the RV. These supersede the need for GFI protection for the whole RV unit.

I believe we have an article that goes into this, but I cannot find it now.


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