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Question Propane vs Agm vs Lithium

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I read your web article related to comparing propane, AGM, lithium, batteries, and it occurred to me that there may be some adjusting: number one, take a look at the Enduro battery that can produce 3840 WH. Number two while propane must be replenished at a propane station, lithium can be replenished by solar or by grid. So the need to have 120,000 available Watts, is not really the same goal is it?

I think the real question then becomes how many watts are reasonably needed given that it’s not sunny every day, to replace a propane tank for a lithium solution which would now also include the price for solar panels a controller and installation. Maybe for the sake of conversation we stick with just the battery.

Perhaps if 120k is good for 2 weeks (as per the original questions specifics), then are we supposing 10k watts per day? So is it unreasonable to eyeball, 40-50k assuming every 3rd or 4th day you can find some sun or a electric outlet?

I know we are stepping more into practical versus pure analytical, I think there’s a weight and safety factor to also account for.


great discussion; I am looking to buy my first 25ft after renting a few times and this has been a great article to read! Thank you!


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