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RV batteries


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My Redwood has 4 six volt batteries in a series/parallel system.  I am going to need to replace them soon, as they have been in the trailer for eight years now.  My truck has two 12 volt batteries in a parallel set up.  I was wondering if there would be an advantage to replacing my RV batteries with 4 twelve volt batteries and just using a parallel system like the truck?

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The advantage of 6-volt batteries over 12-volt batteries is that generally the 6-volt batteries have heavier construction and can tolerate more abuse then their 12-volt counterparts. Of course, if you switch to Lithium batteries, they will be 12 volts and you'll need to wire them in parallel, just like your truck's batteries. 

 Doug Groening
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In addition, 6 volt batteries can be purchased in a much higher amp/hour rating and then when series-parallel connected to get the 12 volts you need will give more amp/hour run time.  It's all a matter of how long you need to use battery power and how much you want to spend to get there!


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