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Make RV life easier with these 396 tips using everyday items

Living the RV life means relaxation, new places to see, and many more relationships to enjoy. You’ll have more time for all of that with some simple tips and tricks that use items you probably already have with you in your “vacation home on wheels.”

I’ve written a lot (and I mean a lot) of lists about using common, everyday items in and around your RV. Here’s a list of all, or at least most, of those articles.

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20 smart uses for rubber bands while RVing

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference when camping. Take rubber bands, for example. They are small but mighty! And they can come in handy in the RV, in many more ways than you think! Just read on and you’ll see why in these 20 smart uses for rubber bands.

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12 unusual uses for pennies inside and outside your RV

“Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.” You may have heard this saying when you were little, like I did. I’m not sure about the guarantee of “good luck,” but I do know that there are several unusual uses for pennies that just might help in and around your RV. Take a look and see for yourself.

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Don’t throw out your Pringles can! Use it these 11 ways in your RV

They are a favorite for campers: Pringles chips. You know what they look like and how they taste, but did you ever wonder how Pringles were invented and what you can do with the tubes they come in? Read on!

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20 bar soap hacks to make RV life easier

In my local store, the bar soaps have been demoted to the lowest shelf. Liquid soaps, in all of their various scents and colors, have all but eliminated bar soap from the “personal cleansing” aisle. Well, wait just a minute! There are many uses for that bar soap. In fact, you can use bar soap hacks to make your RV life easier than ever! Just read on…

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You MUST have a set of microfiber cloths in your RV. You can do SO much with them!

They aren’t a luxury anymore. No, microfiber cloths have become cleaning staples in many RVs today. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding them to your arsenal of cleaning supplies.

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Brilliant camping hacks and tips using steel wool

I used to think it was smart to pack some steel wool along when camping so that I could scrub our cookware and grill grates. I had no idea how many other ways that steel wool could help out around the campsite. Here are some surprising RV hacks for steel wool that I’ve discovered. I bet they’ll surprise you, too!

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You’ll be surprised by these 19 unusual uses for wax paper

It was in use long before the plastic, zipper-type sandwich bags made their appearance. It had its own designated place of honor, inside the kitchen drawer, proudly positioned right next to the box of “tin foil.” I’m talking about wax paper, of course. I first remember using wax paper during recess at school. My friends and I would dutifully rub wax paper over the entire surface of our playground slide to make it “slicker.” Boy, did it work great! We practically flew down that waxed slide.

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10 extremely clever ways to reuse used holiday gift wrap

I love holiday wrapping paper. There is such a wide variety of available papers. They come in eye-popping colors and feature everything from whimsical to realistic to geometric designs. Many of today’s wrapping papers are a real work of art! That’s why I hate to see the paper crumpled and thrown into the trash. Some gift wrap can be recycled, but if the paper features glitter or velvet-like flocking on it, or it’s metallic, you’ll need to keep it out of the recycle bin.

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16+ brilliant ways nail polish comes in handy while RVing (for men too!)

Way back when I was much younger, wearing nylon stockings to work was part of the obligatory “professional attire.” My meager budget necessitated that I learn how to make my nylons last. I quickly discovered that clear fingernail polish would stop a nylon “run” without being too noticeable. When a hole would appear in my nylon stocking, I whipped out my nail polish, dabbed a bit on the hole, and went on with my day. The polish effectively stopped the “run” from snaking further down my leg. Disaster avoided! (Those were the days, huh? When the worst disaster at work was a ruined pair of hosiery!)

While I’ve always remembered that nail polish tip from my past, I’ve recently discovered many, many other ways that nail polish can come to my rescue, especially when Hubby and I are RVing.

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They’re not just for shoes: Use shoe organizers throughout your RV!

Living in an RV can be a challenge. Whether for a weekend or months at a time, finding adequate storage is a constant struggle. There are never enough drawers in the bedroom, for one thing. If you plan to make any meals inside the camper, you’ll soon discover that kitchen storage is at a premium, too. Toy storage is an issue if you camp with children or grandchildren, and if you have a hobby … well, you get the picture.

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Not enough power to run your air conditioner? Think again!
In the summer heat if your 110 power is from a small portable generator or a 20-amp household hookup, you’re out of luck running an air conditioner. That is, unless you have a SoftStartRV. It’s inexpensive, simple to install, and makes running your A/C possible when you never could before. Used and endorsed by publisher Chuck Woodbury. Learn more or order at discount price.

14 little-known (but helpful) uses for aluminum foil

We saved it, cleaned it, and reused it. That’s right, aluminum foil was that precious when I was a child. We rarely called it by its full name, mostly because as a kid I had real trouble saying “aluminum.” Instead, we simply called it “foil.” Aluminum foil can be used in so many different ways. Its versatility makes it still “precious” today.

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You will be surprised by these 18 incredibly handy uses for a kitchen sponge

Behold the lowly sponge. It’s taken a real beat-down over the past few years! And I’ll be the first to admit that I, too, abhor the many varied germs that can hide within a dirty sponge. But before you toss those sponges out for good, you should know that you can toss them into the dishwasher. Yes, that’s right! Sponges can be cleaned. Place them on the top rack and use a heat-dry cycle. Once it’s cleaned, try these 18 uses for a kitchen sponge.

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9 great uses for baby powder that will have you running out to buy some

At our work camping job this week we’ve been installing insulation. Itchy stuff, for sure. I never would have guessed that baby powder could come to the rescue! By applying a good amount of powder to exposed skin, we do not itch nearly as much! That made me wonder… are there other uses for baby powder? I did a bit of research and, wow, was I surprised! I plan on packing baby powder along for every RV trip we take.

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You can do way more with leaf blowers than you think! Here are 6 other ways to use them

If you think leaf blowers are just for blowing leaves into piles to easily pick up, you’re wrong! We originally packed our leaf blower into our RV’s basement for a work-camping job. It didn’t take long to discover many other handy ways that the leaf blower helped us as we traveled in our RV.

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6 unusual ways to use cupcake liners (no baking required) in and around the RV

Okay, I’ll admit it: I actually blew the dust off the top of the box of foil and paper cupcake liners. It had been that long since I’d made muffins or cupcakes! Evidently, our travels bounced the cupcake liner box to the very back of the “baking cupboard.” Since it was one of our “need-stilts-to-reach-it” cupboards, I had forgotten about the liners. But now that I’d rediscovered them, I wasn’t especially eager to start the oven in our unusually warm autumn weather. Instead, I decided to see what alternative uses I could find for the cupcake liners in and around our RV.

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5 ways to use chewing gum in or around your RV

It wasn’t allowed in school, yet the underside of every desk contained some! What’s that? Gum! You can use chewing gum in and around your RV. How? Read on …

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19 unusual (but extremely handy) uses for salt

An old wives’ tale says: If you spill it, you’ll have bad luck. However, if you toss a pinch of it over your left shoulder, you can reverse that bad luck into good! What is it? Salt!

There are so many good (and little-known) ways to use salt outside of cooking/eating. So, stop tossing it over your shoulder!

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17 useful ways to use Velcro inside and outside your RV

It all began with a walk in the park. Well, sort of …

Back in the 1940s, a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral was hunting in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains. It didn’t take long for George to notice that both he and his dog were covered with cockle-burrs. He wondered how the little burrs were able to attach themselves to his dog’s fur and to his own pants. Under the microscope, the engineer noticed that the tiny hooks on the burrs were attached to the minute fabric loops of his pants.

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Duct tape: The incredible universal fixer and 16 ways to use it

My uncle always said, “You can fix just about anything with duct tape.” I can’t believe it took nine years for him to lose his medical license.

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17 unusual uses for dryer sheets in your RV

Yes, you use dryer sheets in your dryer. They help keep clothing soft and static-free. But there are many other ways to use those same dryer sheets, especially when traveling in the RV.

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18 brilliant uses for tension rods in your RV

Storage is always an issue for RVers. At least it is for me. That’s why I use tension rods. Yep, those little beauties come in handy in almost every room of our RV. They come in various lengths and strengths (light to heavy-duty) and can dramatically maximize space in an instant. These handy rods are inexpensive, adjustable, and versatile too!

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11 unexpected ways sandpaper comes in handy in the RV

Space is so limited in our RV that I like to find common products that can be used in different ways. Let’s face it, sandpaper takes up very little room and can do a lot of things inside and out of the RV. (Hint: Always start with the smallest grit of sandpaper and test a hidden spot before tackling more visible areas.)

It takes up such little space and can simplify your life! Here are several unexpected ways to use sandpaper in your RV.

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15 uses for plastic grocery bags in your RV

Storage is always a challenge in the RV, so I just had to find a use for all the plastic grocery bags! (Note: Before reusing, I usually wash the bags in hot soapy water and then hang them upside down to dry completely.)

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27 ways to use zip ties you probably haven’t thought of

Move over duct tape and make room for zip ties! Many RVers carry these handy little ties because they can be used for so many, many things! Some zip ties are even removable! Who knew? Zip through the following 27 ways to use zip ties and you’ll be ready for almost anything.

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9 ways to use pool noodles while RVing

RVers put pool (aka “swim”) noodles on slide-out corners and awning braces to protect our noggins from hard knocks. But did you know that there are many other uses for those dollar store foam beauties?

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Dirty RV? Forget cleaning supplies – all you need are lemons

As an RVer, storage is limited. This tip will help you free up storage space by eliminating the need for several cleaning products … and all you need is a popular kitchen item! To keep your RV looking new and smelling great try these easy lemony cleaning tips.

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Unlimited uses for coffee filters in your RV

Sure you use them to brew your daily eye-opener, but did you know that there are lots of other uses for coffee filters? It’s true! And because the filters are small and lightweight, they can save space and tackle many chores as you travel in your RV.

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