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Concept motorhome expands with 4 slideouts and a mini fold-out tent

New Atlas

Designers have gone bonkers in recent years with slideouts, some practical, and some over-the-top. Where you stand on slideouts is a matter mostly of preference. Here is a new concept motorhome by Lippert Components that takes slides to another level, a Class C with a single fold-out and four slideouts of all styles and sizes. From an expanding wine bar, to a flip-out dog tent, to a fully expanding living room, Lippert’s forward-thinking motorhome shows how slideouts and other retractable components come together.

Despite its eye-grabbing look, it’s less a cohesive concept vehicle, more a living showcase of various Lippert components. It doesn’t even have a proper name, so we’ll call it “Project 2000,” after the Italian Lippert brand whose products feature prominently, reports New Atlas.

The Project 2000 concept focuses the spotlight on Lippert’s portfolio of slideout products. Starting with a Renault-based motorhome from Lunar, Lippert set to work transforming flush walls into shape-shifting expanders. The largest addition is the Smart Room on the right-hand driver side across from the entry door. This module slides out at camp, taking the sofa along with it to open up a spacious foyer/living area.

Moving back toward the rear bumper, the next Lippert addition is the powered patio-style door. This cleanly integrated tinted door provides a second entry point that mates perfectly with the small deck that Lippert built alongside it for the show. It’d look even better with a fold-out/slide-out deck integrated into the motorhome itself, but maybe next year.

Out back, the Project 2000 concept includes a second Smart Room slideout. Smaller than the sofa slide, this one is built around the head of the bed, helping to free up more central interior space.

Rounding the corner to the passenger-side wall, the next stop is down low, where Lippert has installed a fabric fold-out. A different spin on the term “pup tent,” this space gives small dogs (or other pets) their own sleeping nook. We’re not sure what kind of small pet needs any extra space given how large the slide-expanded motorhome interior is, but we are sure many a dog would appreciate having its own little area for napping and looking out the window.

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