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“Connected devices” bills move thru CA legislature, set regulations

Though the provisions in two bills before the California legislature leave considerable room for interpretation as to the actual types of manufacturers that would be required to comply, the bills are moving forward and if passed, could go into effect by January 1st.  

The companion bills (CA AB 1906 and CA SB 327) would create new requirements for manufacturers of “connected devices,” reports RVNews.com. Connected devices, as defined in the bills, are any devices capable of connecting to the internet, directly or indirectly, and that are assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

As more and more RV components have the capability to be connected to other components, RV industry manufacturers and suppliers need to be aware of the efforts to regulate these new technologies, especially in the states, where there is a potential for a patchwork of laws and regulations making it difficult for companies to comply.

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) supports policies that promote consistency across all 50 states and innovation for connected and automated technologies that allow for flexibility and do not create unintended consequences for the RV industry. Such a system should enable RV manufacturers to design, produce and sell the same RVs in every state. 

The bills in California require manufacturers of connected devices to equip such devices with a reasonable security feature or features, appropriate to the nature and function of the device, which is designed to protect the device from unauthorized access or use. These bills have been steadily moving through the California legislature and both bills recently passed the Appropriations Committee. If the legislation is enacted, it could be the model for nationally accepted regulations.



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John Mooney
4 years ago

What’s with all the California bashing? We must be doing something right:
“California’s economy is so large, and has grown so quickly, that it is now the fifth-biggest in the world all by itself, according to US government data. Figures released on Friday by the US Department of Commerce put California’s effective GDP from 2017 at around $2.747 trillion.May 5, 2018”

Top that 45…

Charlie Hickman
4 years ago

Why are we leaving the setting of standards to one state, particularly California.
We have a body known as the FCC to set standards. why can there not be sub committee to address connectivity issues among devices and vehicles ?
setting standards should never be left to one state. what happened to the we in united ???

Gene Bjerke
4 years ago

As the world gets more connected, I am happy that I have an older (i.e. simpler) rig. Besides not wanting to use my smart ({bleeped}) phone for simple tasks, it seems to me that anything that can be controlled via the internet can be hacked. I’d rather keep control of my life myself, thank you.

4 years ago

Absolutely NOTHING created or approved in California should EVER be the “model for nationally accepted regulations”.

Has to be a ‘money grab’ directed at making compliance a ‘financial’ situation for those affected.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago
Reply to  Roy

You are SO right, Roy!

Plus, I don’t get some of this “connectivity” stuff. Not sure why my ‘smart’ phone needs to be in charge of putting out my awning or engaging my landing gear – or anything ELSE for that matter. Seems like most of this stuff just makes us lazier and lazier, and the lazier we get, the more out of shape we get because we don’t move as much.

I almost long for the days of the crank windows in my car – ha.

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