Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Construction workers on temp assignments choose RV living

One of the reasons RV parks are so crowded these days is because many of the spaces are occupied by long-term residents. That includes Baby Boomers who live year-round in RVs, poor people in old or inexpensive RVs who can’t afford a traditional home or apartment, and construction workers who move from job to job with their own RVs rather than renting apartments or motel rooms. Here’s a story from the Omaha (Nebraska) World Herald that illustrates that last type of long-term residents:

Travelers whizzing past Exit 420 on I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln may wonder why about a third of the spaces at Pine Grove RV Park are occupied this time of year, in the middle of a Nebraska winter. After all, aren’t recreational vehicles used by vacationers during warmer months?

Not all the time. Of the 100 spaces for RVs at the park, owners Cathy Kappel-Simms and Scott Simms said 40 are set aside for long-term residents. Of those spaces, 30 are occupied, mostly by construction workers like Danny Parker, whose home is near Atlanta.

For such workers, living in an RV is better than staying in a hotel or renting a place when away from home for months on a construction project like the one they’re working now — the Facebook Data Center under construction in Sarpy County.

Read more in the World-Herald.



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Robin Blanchard
2 years ago

Transient workers are a staple for the economy in South Louisiana. Some of the nicest and hardest working people you would ever meet stay in our local RV parks. Thanks for the article. http://www.cypresscovervpark.com

5 years ago

In the summer I work road construction projects. Sometimes I have to stay in motels. Most times I work nights and in a motel they are so noisy. Plus more expensive. When I can I take my rv it is more relaxing. I have all the comforts of home. Plus usually cheaper. The only downside of my rv is my coworkers always wants to stay with me. I work 12-16+ hours a day with them. When I get home I want away from them. In fact my rv has been used more for work then recreation.

Donald E Driever
5 years ago

My wife and I have been Rving since the “60’s and most of my working life was in construction. Generally my work was within reasonable driving distance to home, but a few times each year I would get an out of town job to do, so whenever possible I would take our RV and by doing so it made my out of town work bearable. I usually had a co-worker with me and they were always amazed at how relaxing it was.

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