The award for the RV with the coolest paint job EVER goes to…


Wow! Have you ever seen an RV like this? We don’t know who painted it, or who it belongs to, but we want to find out so we can hire them! Pretty neat, eh?

Oh, and by the way, we found these photos on the always-interesting Facebook page.


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“Someone” wants to be noticed — and probably is.

Joel and Betty Hagler

It looks like a Hippy Wagon from the 60’s…….an offence to the eyes


If I only had $1million. Must have cost a fortune.


Cute paint job — very retro and great use of the space.

I encountered a photo-realistic nature-themed RV a couple years back, apparently done by a freelance muralist (for fun or advertising, not sure?). She said she WON’T paint her next RV because people drive dangerously while distracted by it, and swerve around her trying to see all sides…