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County in NC considers changes to tiny home park regulations

The questions were bound to come up. Tiny homes, a new category of RV (or is it a park model) have raised questions, especially to city and county officials who feel obligated to regulate, and yes, to tax them and require permits as well. And where is it legal to park them, and what will that require for infrastructure? 

County commissioners in Henderson County, North Carolina, have decided to hold off on code changes clarifying regulations for RV parks and park model RV parks, specifically having to do with tiny homes, reports BlueRidgeNow.

County Planning Director Autumn Radcliff said the changes, spurred by a recent application, have been debated by the county Planning Board over the past several months.

The proposals now head back to the Planning Board. Amendments to the existing RV park requirements would designate density, buffer requirements, permissible permanent structures, setbacks, road standards and more for the parks.

One member of the public, a resident of Druid Hills, spoke during the public hearing and said a neighbor has constructed a tiny home in their backyard.

Bower said that if the tiny home gets an address, it would cause him and 10 other Druid Hills residents to have to then change their addresses accordingly. He asked that the tiny home be given an address including a letter or a one-half, to save other residents and himself from having to change addresses. The second generation of his family to live in the home, Bowers said the address has been in use for 50 years or more.

Oh, the problems that loom for tiny homes, and all the ways officials will come up with to regulate them.




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