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Couple sues large Florida dealership for deceptive sales practices

An elderly couple is suing General RV in Orange Park, Florida, one of the largest RV dealerships in the country, accusing the dealership of not telling them about a recall notice on the vehicle, reports News4Jax.

This is the second time in recent months that General RV has been sued, previously being accused of duping an elderly couple into buying an RV with a list of defects.

Attorney Michael Dolenga, who represents General RV, said that George and Odelia Dolores knew of the recall when they bought the RV, adding that the recall was completed before the sale went through. “We were just advised about this lawsuit today when we were contacted by a reporter from WJXT”, said Dolenga. “We are still investigating, but can confirm that these customers did not make these claims to anyone at General RV. It appears that instead of contacting us they hired a lawyer who is making claims without fully investigating the facts. General RV has a system in place to make sure that RVs are not sold with open recalls. This RV was not recalled. It had a recall on one item. The customers were advised of this, and the recall was completed before the sale. In addition, the sales price of the RV did not change, and the sales figures provided by the lawyer to WJXT are not accurate.”

Among other things, the couple’s complaint accuses General RV of exploiting the elderly, using high-pressure sales tactics and misleading them about the RV’s condition.

The complaint states the couple has visited the dealer’s service department for a range of issues since April, from an “inoperable and burned out awning motor” to “unsafe and defective tires.”



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4 years ago

In our opinon the RV industry has a common practise of not disclosing information a RV owner should be aware of for safe and economical operation of their unit. Case in point: In 2007 we purchased a new Monaco Dynasty with a 400HP Cummins engine. About 2 years later a RV owner/friend with the same engine called and said his engine just blew-up. Sent me picture of the hole in the engine and asked me to check the serial # of my engine. It turned out my engine had the same recall on it. My dealer, Monaco and Cummins never told us of the recall even when we had registered our purchase with them. Cummins told us the effected engine failures all occured within the first few thousand miles. My friends engine failed after 28,000 miles. After repeated questioning numerous Cummins employees, they admitted to me in private they had only 4 engine failures with mileage between 20,000 and 30,000 miles. That year we did a 20,000 mile tour of the US. How lucky was I to run into all 4 RVers with the same engine failure under the recall on our trip? Cunmins refused to fix the engine with the defective part because the engine was still running. Instead they installed numerous sensors so when the engine failed I would know it. Well, I guess we are one of the lucky ones – we just passed 100,000 miles and keep on moving down the road.

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