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Getting creative: How to cook like normal in small RV kitchens

By Lisa Adcox
When we first decided to go full-time I thought, “Oh boy, how do I cook in a smaller kitchen with smaller appliances?” I love to cook and I thought, “Well, I have my small kitchen appliances that I know I can make work.” So I did!

First, let me say that this is not an advertisement, it is just what I have found handy in my RV. I use my NuWave Oven several times a week and my Air Fryer about the same. My electric griddle has become a very handy piece of equipment. My NuWave has an extender ring that allows me to cook a pretty good size turkey and ham, plus I can grill burgers and such when I do not want to cook outside.

Then the big thing is baking. RV gas ovens are not always the best for even simple tasks. So I purchased my NuWave Bravo XL Air Fryer Oven. I can bake, broil, toast, and yes, AIR FRY in it!

I have found we can adapt if we just think about what we want to do. As for my griddle, I find I can cook the normal things like pancakes and such but also can grill veggies, sauté shrimp and more.

If you love entertaining and cooking, there are ways to do it in the RV that don’t always mean firing up the grill or smoker. I always have felt that cooking was a way to express my love to the ones I was cooking for. Do not let the smaller kitchen deter you. Think smart and you can find ways to still enjoy cooking those meals. Have fun with what you love doing.



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1 year ago

Just where in the world do people use and store extra appliances?! No way in our little RV! A smaller crock pot is it for us. I’ve learned to use the convection/microwave for baking.

Lisa Adcox
1 year ago
Reply to  Debbie

We built a cabinet under our dining table. It’s great storage plus you can still sit at table. We also handed two small shelves at end of kitchen counter that holds coffee pot and Nuwave oven. I do not store the airfryer. It stays out on top of table all the time. I use it so often it would be in and out. When moving it either goes under table or on floor somewhere.

Kathy Niemeyer
1 year ago

I use my air fryer, electric skillet and instant pot all the time. I can’t remember the last time I got my pans out! We also have an Asmoke smoker that grills as well as smokes. It is small and fits perfect in our “basement”.

1 year ago

I have an air fryer and would like to be able to use it more. Anyone have some great recipes for the air fryer that they would like to share? Thanks in advance

Lisa Adcox
1 year ago
Reply to  Diane

Look online. Almost anything you can do in a regular oven you can do in an airfryer.

Karen Bates
1 year ago

I use my crock pot and air fryer alot. Have done some baking in the convection microwave and it worked. May have to look at the Nu Wave oven!

Kit Vargas
1 year ago

I use my convection/micro wave oven, electric fry pan, instant pot (also a slow cooker) and once in a great while my stove top. It all works!!! Might have to check out an air fryer. lol

Barbara Brooker
1 year ago

I hated cooking with the RV stove. For the last 5 years I have used my NuWave Oven and NuWave induction plate for 95% of my cooking both in the RV and in my home. Love it!

1 year ago

I use my Nuwave induction plate every day and love it. Best investment. Also the Nuwave oven. So nice to use them out side especially when it’s warm and you don’t want to heat up the motorhome.

1 year ago

Air fryers are amazingly useful. In college, when dinosaurs were around, we used a popcorn popper.

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