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How to diagnose your RV’s air conditioner health

Certified RV technician Chris Dougherty shows you a way to diagnose the health of your RV’s air conditioner (or air conditioners) using an infrared thermometer. It’s a simple process, but one most RVers have likely never thought to check. Chris recorded this video while he was the technical editor of

An infrared thermometer like the one Chris uses in the video (and the one carries in its Mothership), is available at

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  1. And before performing this air temperature differential test, make sure the filter is clean and to operate the AC on its only or highest fan speed with the AC compressor running. Restricted air flow and low air flows can cause a greater temperature differential (colder readings) than higher air flow. And while cold, low airflow can be the cause of poor AC performance. The differential temperature measured is simply the heat removed by the evaporator coil, unrelated to the condenser coil that sits outside the cooled space.

  2. While I agree in principle that a video s/b there to supplement a written article, it isn’t necessarily a hard and fast rule. The video in this article runs all of 2:21. That’s not tough to endure, and certainly lasts less long than any accompanying written article would take to read. If you missed something in the video, pause and rewind. If you wish to skip ahead, pause and fast forward. It’s not rocket surgery folks.

    Such first world problems we are forced to endure…..

  3. The video doesn’t have CC button to tun on the captions. We are deaf and read your daily e-news. Reading the other’s comments, a request for written article is very good as well.

    Thank you,

  4. I have what I consider the best digital “meat” thermometer in the world. But, besides using it while bbq’ing, I’ve used it to measure temps in the freezer and reefer sections of our fridge. I get ambient temperature with it, and measure the temperature of the air coming out of the ac. An RV tech that came out to service our ac told me about this method.


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