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Digital nomad runs profitable business from his RV

When 29-year-old Jack Mann’s alarm clock goes off in the morning, he’s throwing on a pair of shorts, hopping out of his RV, and taking a hike around a national park – you won’t find him knotting his tie and commuting to work on a busy freeway.  

“Waking up with the excitement of a new location, the lure of adventure and the curiosity of the unknown out the window or around the next corner makes you feel a different type of alive,” Mann told CNBC Make It.

He’s a new breed of enterprising individuals who make their living while traveling fulltime. He and his girlfriend, Hanna, hit the road late last year when his business took off and have since worked their way through 15,000 miles and 11 U.S. states in their converted 2006 Mercedes Sprinter RV.

Don’t think he’s taken a back seat in his career, though. If anything, the 29-year-old founder and CEO of Vibes believes the lifestyle shift has made him more productive. His “hi-fidelity” earplugs have seen a surge in demand and $2 million in sales on the back of his 2017 appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

“Each day feels like a trip of its own. It makes your brain extra alert and your working days hyper-productive, the same way you rip through your to-do list when the weekend is knocking at your door,” he said.

That’s partly down to technology. Public Wi-Fi and personal hotspots have enabled Mann and Hanna, a freelance social media manager, to switch workplace distractions in their hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, for some of the U.S.’s most serene spots of natural beauty.

“Work is an action, not a place,” he said. “Technology has allowed for non-traditional working environments to thrive in an era when formal workspaces are becoming a thing of the past.”




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Patrecia Shaw
4 years ago

Someone would become amazingly wealthy if they could develop affordable, high-speed, truely unlimited internet that is available everywhere and market it to RVers. We have Verizon jet pack which is throttled back after 22 gigs. Phone hotspots, 15 gigs. Satellite internet is junk, slow and not unlimited. Someone help us!!!

Curtis Dowds
4 years ago

Could the writer of this piece please put me in touch with Jack Mann. I work from my dual-use RV on the road and quite effectively since it’s essentially a rolling home-office. The logic of what wasn’t a minor investment to d it right, came crashing down a day or so ago when my RV road insurance was canceled because I was working (not “recreating” from an RV). From a bit less than $1000/year the quotes started running north of $5K. Signage seems to be one problem. I love my logos and the info is helpful in publicizing an “online marketplace for solar” But I’m not sure, if they know you’re working from the RV, whether the signs actually are the issue. I’ve got every rationale under the sun so far for why the risks are any different for the insurer if I’m working from the RV as opposed to, who knows what, cooking, sleeping, listening to TV or music, or whatever it is you do while you’re “recreating.” I don’t have clients come to the RV. I have a dinghy that I use to visit clients (contractors). I don’t park anywhere differently if I’m working or traveling with my wife. I don’t really understand the idiotic assertions of increased risk I’m hearing. But that’s what they say. In fact, I put fewer and less strenuous miles on the RV moving into a region I work in than I do traveling. And by far. Way far. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR INSURANCE AGENT IF YOU’RE DIGITAL NOMADING (ESSENTIALLY WHAT I’M DOING, TOO, ALTHOUGH I’D NEVER USE THE TERM – I’M A “ROLLING HOME-OFFICE”). THEY CAN CUT YOU OFF AT THE KNEES. BELIEVE IT.

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Curtis Dowds

Hi, Curtis. I’m not sure how to get ahold of Jack Mann directly, but here’s a link to his company website and maybe you can contact him that way: https://www.discovervibes.com/ However, since he has annual sales in the millions of dollars, I kinda doubt that he’s worried about the cost of his insurance. Just sayin’. Good luck! 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

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