Do you drive or tow your RV?


Do you drive an RV — a motorhome or truck camper, for instance? Or do you tow your RV — a travel trailer or fifth wheeler?

Let us know if you’re driving that rig of yours or pulling it. Curious minds want to know.

The survey may take a few moments to load, so stand by.

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1 year ago

Never desired a towable. The whole idea of not having access to the unit while driving was a problem. If overnighting at a rest stop
(or a Walmart) you park, close curtains and you’re in your living space. Driving a huge truck around town also does not appeal to me. But, I do realize there are a great deal of folks who prefer the towables.

Phillip Burdine
1 year ago

Tow a 28 ft. Wildcat Maxx with a F350 Crewcab Long Bed. After retiring from the military, drove big rig for several years. I prefer seeing a trailer in my rear view.

1 year ago

Weekend Warrior pulled by F250 Diesel. Just bought it. Plan on using first time later this year

Linda Ward
1 year ago

We tow our 40 foot Sabre 5th wheel with our F350 long bed crew cab! Both are very comfortable!

1 year ago

I find staying at a Harvest Host location can cost is more than a night in a campground. With being “expected” to purchase something from the host. Hardly free.

Anthony Vinson
1 year ago

F250 (Lewis) + Keystone Cougar TT (Clarke). Camped in AL.×15, MS.×6, LA.×2, KY., TN.×2, MO., FL.×2, GA.×2, PA.×2, ME.×3, NY.×2, MA.×2, NH., AR.×2, WV., Nova Scotia, Newfoundland×2.

1 year ago

Both, have a Motor Home and Pick-up with Travel Trailer depending on the mood.