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Fire destroys motorhome outfitted as a doctor’s office

A motorhome outfitted as a mobile doctor’s office for those in need is a complete loss after catching on fire Tuesday in Phoenix.

The fire started a little before 7 a.m., shortly after it was parked at the Maryvale Church of the Nazarene. “To say my heart sunk is an understatement,” said Dr. Brad Smith, a physician who helps patients with Mission of Mercy. “This is like a mobile doctor’s office. So if you can imagine anybody’s doctor’s office going up in flames, that’s what we lost.”

It’s estimated that the vehicle, medical equipment, and prescription drugs inside were worth more than $250,000.

Even though this is a big setback, those at Mission of Mercy say they’re hopeful that the community can help them get back on the road to helping others.

It looks worse inside, a total loss

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SOURCE: Phoenix 3TV/CBS 5



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Don Kostyal
3 years ago

Have to come down on the side of Dr4Film–this vehicle was never intended/designed/manufactured to be a “special purpose office.” When you bring up codes, just like a house, there should be permits etc that should have to be applied for and approved before one person ever sets foot in “the mobile office.” There are coaches out there that are designed from day one for unique purposes (Mobile MRI, CT, Mamagram, for example) and the Mission of Mercy should have set out to procure one of these in the first place. I did not read in the article anything about insurance. As crazy as the insurance game for an RV is, I wonder who and what coverage this coach had? It has to be considered along the line of a full-timer RV to be open as a business with the public walking in and out all the time?

I am not criticizing the program’s intentions–I just think their process was void of sound decisions from the get go.

Sharon B
3 years ago
Reply to  Don Kostyal

I seriously doubt it that this RV had any of the heavy equipment mentioned in your article. And 250,00K is a far cry of the cost of an MRI, CT or Mammogram unit. As an RN who deals with big money it appears that simple accident items were just in that RV and other examination items needed for simple procedures like stitches and things like that.
Mission of Mercy is a mobile unit for physical diagnosis, stitches, and other procedures that can be done right there on the spot. More extensive diagnostic testing would definitely be referred out to a hospital or advanced clinic. This organization also runs on a shoe string.

Rick V
3 years ago

Once again with these motor homes FIRE. If you only knew how many of these motor homes catch fire YOU won’t believe it. These are built with very little code regulations and these companies are getting away with it.

3 years ago

Unfortunately, if the good doctor had some fire suppression installed in critical areas such as the diesel engine compartment plus the fridge area if it was still equipped with a RV absorption fridge, chances are the coach would have not been a total loss. Anyone who still owns a four door Norcold 12XX fridge (aka NotSoCold) you are only tempting fate. Got rid of mine back in 2012 and installed a Samsung residential. Best upgrade ever made to my coach. Plus I have had an AFFF Engine Fire Suppression system over my diesel engine since 2010.

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