Does your RV have a name?



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    Did you name your RV? If so, please let us know by leaving its name in the comments section below along with the story behind why you chose that name (200 words max, please). We’ll pick the most creative three names at the end of May and award each of the RV’s owners a Tekton digital tire gauge

    Be sure to tell us how the RV got its name. That will figure highly in our judges’ opinion of which are the most creative.




    1. We are considering naming our new RV “OverLanders” – (our last name is Landers).
      Is it odd or improper to have an RV with a plural ending? Or would it be more appropriate to name her “OverLander”? Or does it make no matter at all?
      Appreciate feedback and thoughts.


    3. The name of my motorhome is MINERVA. When i purchased her, the sales lady asked me what I was going to name her, and that she MUST have a name! The first(unusual) name that popped in my head was Minerva, my g-g-g-grandmother’s name.

    4. My Class B was called MsBHaven. She was a Ms, a Class B, and my Haven for get-away RV Trips.

      My latest motor home is a Class C named Joy because the definition of Joy is “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. That is how I feel when I’m RVing.

    5. We named our 99 Shasta Class C RV “Drifter”, which suits her quite well. We drift about in her, going wherever we feel the urge to go, whenever we want, not always having to have an agenda or specific plans for the day, or even for the entire trip. She drifts with us from place to place exploring our beautiful country, and, thanks to her smaller size (only 24 ft), she’s at home wherever we might drift, to the beach as well as the desert, in the middle of nowhere or in a crowded city. And she fits in almost all sites, whether in a more rustic state or national park or in an upscale resort. Most of her predecessors In the years before we were free to drift also had names: Seanymph, Gypsy, Pokey (a VW Vanagon), & SuperVan.

    6. My RV is called “Mamaw’s Mobile Bed and Breakfast” since most of my camping trips are with my kids and grandkids. She is a 2006 Winnebago Outlook.

    7. Bentley is the name we selected for our Heartland Big Horn. We selected this name for two reasons: 1. Compared to our previous RV’s our new Heartland was like a Bentley vehicle to us; and 2. Our dealer’s last name is Bentley. It’s been a good fit!

    8. Wandering Star.
      When we bought the Rockwood travel trailer last year, Amazon was running the commercial with Lee Marvin singing, ” I Was Born Under a Wandering Star”. I was singing it as we walked around the Hershey RV show, and the name stuck.

    9. Our 35E Fleetwood Bounder’s name is “Big Man” named after my Father. His parents were missionaries to the Comanche Indians. At my Dad’s birth the Indian women said he would become a “Big Man” since he was such a big baby. My aunts, uncles and even my cousins would call Dad “Big Man” and refer to him that way even to this day.

    10. We didn’t get to creative. My first name is Robin so Robin’s Nest was kind of a no brainier. The other choice was based on my last name, Sexton so “Sex Den”. was suggested and immediately rejected. Too bad

    11. White Whale
      We had our 07 ALFA painted solid white to match our Jeep Wrangler. It now swallows all of our money doing repairs. Thus the name, White Whale

    12. My CB handle years ago was “Gypsy Sister”. Hence our 2015 Keystone Sprinter is the Gypsy..

    13. He is named “Odin” because he is powerful and fearless – he happily goes where usually only 4×4’s dare to tread. He loves boondocking and taking the road less traveled!

    14. I think I called it every name in the book when things go wrong lol. However I refer to my Air Force 1

    15. Motorhome we call BULLWINKLE (has horns)_
      Toad, ROCKY
      ATV, BORIS
      ATV Trailer, NATASHA

      Our previous 5th Wheel
      Truck, LONE RANGER
      5th-wheel TONTOW

    16. Tinkers Dream something is always broken. It seem every time we went camping, I have to fix something when we get home

    17. We named our 5th wheel “The Dragon’s Lair” because we belong to a group called Myassis Dragon MC/RV club (First word in the name is actually 3 words with no spaces and Dragon is a word-pun for draggin’). Cos most of us are older…LOL. We named our tow vehicle (Ram 3500) BART, an acronym for BigA$$RedTruck.

    18. Finntini. My objective was adventure, like “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” My wife looked forward to enjoy the location, on a lounge chair with a gin martini in her hand. Thus “Finntini”
      P.S. We transitioned from a gasser to diesel, and initially named it “Casa Fartsalot” but that was too crass for refined persons like us.

    19. Sitka the 5th
      Our brand new Outdoors RV 5th wheel has the model name of Sitka – so it just seemed like perfect name!

    20. My wife, three kids, and I have a 2014 Keystone Passport 3220 and we call it “The Shack” in memory of my childhood years spending summers at our cottage called by the same name. Happy camping!

    21. My wife and I have a Cruiser Funfinder we call Fun4-2, which is our license plate. The trailer sleeps 3 but we say it’s only Fun4-2.

    22. My coach is a Winniebago ‘Ellipse”. We shortened to ‘Elli’ which was my Grandmothers name. The GPS in the coach is named ‘Ginster’ after my mother who loved to study maps! Appropriate, heh?

    23. I am Native American. Our 19′ Forest River Wildwood trailer’s name is “Tatonka” in honor of the bison (and the slow speed it travels when we go up hills)!

    24. Our 2017.5 Lance 1995 is named Lancelot. After the character in Monty Python & the Holy Grail. 😉

    25. We have a 2002 Travel Supreme. In 2003 we traveled to Stanton CA to look at some RV and fell in love with our 38DS02. Since we bought it in Stanton and my middle name is Stanton it was a natural to call it Stanton.

    26. My Winnebago View is named Janis because Janis Joplin sang a song called “oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz”. When I picked her up, I sang that song all the way home. My new Benz came with a new house attached. Thank you Lord!!

    27. CBC – its short for Cerulean Battle Cruiser. We’re both Star Trek and Star Wars fans. Was easy to pick, our Miramar has blue as a major color and our Explorer that we tow is blue as well…..

    28. Our travel trailer is called, “Wondie.” She (and she’s DEFINITELY a she) got her name from our Wanderlust. She has a fully inscribed log book and travel diary, so we can look back on our travels and some of the fine days/and nights we have shared together.

    29. Our 2014 R-Pod is named Dragons Lair…plural, not possessive. My helicopter call sign in Vietnam was Dragon. I resurrected it as part of my email addy, and it’s my nickname at the Burning Man festival. When we bought the trailer we thought, hmmm…what should we name it? First it was Dragon Pod, then Draggin’ Wagon, then Dragon Wagon, finally Dragons Lair, written in Game of Thrones font. DW also goes by Dragon Lady.

    30. My 31-foot Class C motorhome is named “Sweet Spot” for several reasons, the most obvious being that it is sweet to get away in it and find a new spot to enjoy. Other connotations might include contact that is “just right” as when a golf club or baseball bat meets its objective perfectly.

    31. we named our fifth wheel Molly. Our first trip last spring was quite adventuress and chock full of learning experiences. I kept saying Good God at least five times a day. when we decided to name her, a much needed diesel gas station was passed and we had to go around and back to it, not a good thing when your rig is 43 feet long. I yelled Good Golly and my friend called out Miss Molly. She then became Miss Molly. We then needed a name for our pickup, our hero that kept getting us out of tight spots. We decided on Bubba cause he is so faithful.

    32. We named our cute Winnie Drop “Zoo.” We love the movie “We Bought A Zoo” and how the zoo was bought “spur of the moment”…”on a whim.” That is what happened when we went to look at rv”s. We fell in love with the Winnie Drop and bought it. We were sort of in shock for a while and almost at the same time we looked at each other and said, “We bought a zoo!” And that was it. It just fits ?

    33. Our 1997 Beaver marquis is named TripleB which stands for our Big Bad Beaver. Our family is license plate is trplb. We have over 170000 miles on the big fellow. ☺

    34. Matilda and we call her Tilley for short. Our other MH was Mariah, our Second Wind and our fifthwheel is “The V” so now we have Tilley and The V and naming them makes it very clear of which one we are speaking. The V is up on a seasonal site now and the MH, Tilley, is what we travel in.

    35. We think of our RV as a member of the family so we gave it a human name: Harv, pronounced “Harvey.” Our friends ask when are we going out with Harv again?

      Claudia D

      • RJITNEY is the name. We travel in a Winnabago Travato so we can explore the country not camp in one place long and park anywhere.

    36. We named ours MAGIC, as in Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf. So much improvement in chassis & ride since our old 1998 rig. We have a 40′ 2017 Allegro Bus. Takes us to Magic Places!

    37. We own a 1993 Fleetwood Bounder. It has a Kangaroo on stickers on the outside. Since we really like our rv because it has a bathroom, we named it Lu Lu similar to the English name for a bathroom, Lew, and close in name to the Ruu stickers on the outside. So we drive a portable bathroom.

    38. Our coaches name is “Wanderlust VI” – (the Love of Continuous Travel). This our 6th camper therefore the number VI (6). We have been wandering, ever chance we got in some type of camper for over 50 years and are looking forward to lots more wandering.
      Our wandering, in “Wanderlust I-VI”, has taken us from southern Florida to Fairbanks Alaska and from the Atlantic to the Pacific and many places in between with plenty of places yet to see.
      Plans presently are for a couple of 90 day excursions during the next 24 months, with lots of weekends thrown in.

    39. “Tin Can Shed” ; as in: I’m “Trailer Trash living in a ‘Tin Can Shed”.
      THIS to balance off a couple of sycophantic snobs who feel that Airstreams are a cut Above the Hoi-Poloi with their wood/tin boxes.

    40. We moved into our Dolphin in 2015. Upon washing and waxing him the first time we looked at him and decided on the name “Flipper” He received the name for not leaking after his first bath.

    41. As first time recent owners of a B+ RV, we named our rig “Da Party Bus”. We had been on a cruise with a big group of family and friends to the Carribean two years ago and our excursion in St. Maartin was on Da Party Bus (an old school bus refurbished to be a mobile touring bar). It was such a great memory for our crowd we wanted to memorialize it.

    42. We’ve always named our RV’s. Our first trailer was a 1997 Prowler 23LV named “The Big Bambino”. Next, 2007 Keystone Zeppelin named “Zippy”. Our 2008 Allegro Open Road was “Allie”. Our 2012 Heartland Greystone Fifthwheel was “Gracie” And our current 2016 Highland Ridge Open Range Light is of course called “Ranger”. His name is also on the back of the trailer. We also refer to them by their names – it’s just part of the fun of camping or RVing!

    43. RovinAspect. We retired, rove around the country in our Aspect, wherever it goes we go, wherever it stops, we stop. Wherever the winding roads take us, we rove the roads.

    44. We named our 32′ 1994 Fleetwood Mallard “Spring”. We bought her on the first day of Spring, which is also our anniversary. We plan to travel extensively after I retire in August. We wanted a big trailer with 2 separate bedrooms, since our son is going to travel with us.

    45. Our Monaco Diplomat is named ‘Le Reve’, which is French for ‘The Dream’. Self explanatory!

    46. “Little House ~ Wherever”
      Just because wherever I stop my truck-slidein, I have a little house, right there.

    47. Jackson. Named after Jackson Brown’ & his song “Runnin’ on Empty”……and hoping we don’t.

    48. We just started calling our travel trailer “Magic Carpet Ride” because we have amassed quite a collection of carpets to completely cover the vinyl in the main living area. My son’s dog who temporarily resides with us doesn’t like uncarpeted surfaces and cried all night during our first camping trip. Our traveling home looks more like the side-of-the-road carpet sale tent.

    49. “Cardinal’s Nest'” named for my wife’s high school mascot, the Cardinals from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and in memory of her mother. Our inheritance from her helped to pay for the Escape Trailer.


      We are full-timers with a 43′ 5th wheel and wander all over North America – from the Maritimes of Canada to Southern California, and from the Pacific Northwest to Florida. When we started out on the “Great Adventure” three years ago, our friends back in Texas asked to be kept in touch where ever we were. If a few weeks would go by and they hadn’t heard from us, we’d receive a text/email asking “Where the heck are you?”. Thus the derivation of the name. The name is proclaimed in script on the back of our rig. A side benefit is that when we drop anchor at an RV park, it is a great conversation starter

    51. Yonder

      As a private pilot and former aircraft owner, our RV is named YONDER as in “Wild Blue Yonder”.

    52. As our last name is Dew, the name of our camper is Dewdropinn. I had custom “Sunline” decals made to eliminate the model name Solaris and add Dewdropinn

    53. We named our recently purchased Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel, Monti, which for us is short for Montana.
      We previously traveled in an Airstream and couldn’t break the habit of calling the Montana “the Airstream”, so we decided to call it Monti.

    54. Beautiful Beulah was named in memory of my dear friend Betsy who died of Breast Cancer the year before I got Beulah.

      The reason she’s Beulah and not Betsy is that once on a trip with me to show dogs, Betsy and I stayed with my aunt and uncle . Uncle is very hard of hearing and kept calling Betsy any B name BUT Betsy.. “Beck? Betty? Bonnie? Beulah! and we had a huge laugh about it for years later.

      Betsy was a friend I traveled a lot of miles with to dog shows over the year and had a lot of laughs with along the way, so Beulah seemed a fitting name for the Class C I would be having new dog show adventures in.

    55. You Send Me

      First this was our wedding song. The lyrics describe our developing relationship 38 years ago

      At first I thought it was infatuation
      But, woo, it’s lasted so long
      Now I find myself wanting
      To marry you and take you home, whoa

      Then the lyrics described our developing relationship with RVing, from renting an RV, to buying for occasional camping to full-timing.

      And, of course, our coach does send us to wonderful places.

    56. We named our DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel “Queen Mary”. She got her name on her maiden voyage. I was frustrated and having a lot of difficulty backing her into a tight RV site when my wife fog horned at me to stop! She eloquently asked if I was having a problem? I bellowed back that this was harder than parallel parking the “Queen Mary”. My wifes name is Mary so the name stuck! We have a “Queen Mary” sign proudly mounted on the front hitch.

    57. My Lazy Daze motorhome was named Dog Daze for the dogs we took to dog shows in it. Our toad was called Puppy Daze. I just traded them both in on a Class B and it is named Final Edition (my last RV) but I call it Eddie. That was named after one of my favorite dogs.

    58. I’m a full timer traveling alone. My Bounder’s name is “Barbie”. My name is Ken, and all my life when I introduced myself I often would be asked “Where’s Barbie”? I now have an answer!

    59. Our 2014 Tour is named “No Go Winnebago” due its 119 parts failures and 5 months of downtime since purchased new.

    60. Our 19ft Airstream Flying Cloud is named…KOLEA (ko-lay-ah). It is a Hawaiian word for the Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva). The plover summers in Alaska and winters in Hawaii as well as other Pacific islands, SE Asia and California. It is a hardy bird that migrates great distances. It’s our favorite bird and, like the kolea, we plan on traveling great distances with our trailer.

    61. We named our 2011 Trillium 1300 trailer “The Dogloo,” after those molded plastic doghouse igloos that are seemingly ubiquitous in back yards across America. We’d often joked about buying one for our German shepherd, Sir Toby Belch, so when we noticed their similarity to our molded fiberglass trailer, the name stuck.

    62. Our motor home is Lucy after the movie The long long Trailer about Lucy and Desi! Our fiat pop tow car is “Little RICKY”!!!!!!

    63. We call our motorhome Elroy and the Jeep we pull behind Judy – after the cartoon the Jetsons.

      We had upgraded our motorhome to what eventually would become our home after selling the campground that we owned and worked. While we have always named our vehicles, we held off naming the motorhome.

      A short time later, we got a small inheritance when a family member passed away that we used to purchase our Jeep. So we named the Jeep Judy after that family member.

      Then we started brainstorming to come up with a name for the motorhome that would go with Judy and that is when we thought of the Jetsons and Elroy.

      Above the door and on either side of the clock, we have hung cartoon pictures of the namesakes for our motorhome and Jeep – Elroy and Judy from the Jetsons.

    64. Guy-N-Vi
      we named our 2016 Thor Vegas Bella Via II , its Italian for beautiful way or beautiful life it came from a Chuck Mangioni song of the same name. It is the second thing we have used this name on..
      the name fits Rving we think.

    65. We have a 2014 36 ft. Jayco Eagle. We were camping in Buellton, CA at a resort and was backed in the rear of the park. On a walk with our dogs, we saw our fifth wheel up the bluff and said it was our “Eagle’s Nest!” Now when getting ready for a road trip, we refer to the RV as that.

    66. Our 31 ft Fifth wheel is named getaway, It does getaway to the Colorado river camp grounds, across the country to San Antonio Tx about once a year. the plates say lovervn.

    67. We call ours “Magic” for Magic Carpet Riden an old song by Steppenwolf. Several reasons, most because of the such great ride after the chassis improvements since our first 1998 class A. We now have a 2017 Allegro Bus. Another reason is all of the magic trips it takes on! Now that is Magic!

    68. My Casita travel trailer (spanish for ‘little house’) is a little, white fiberglass trailer. Mine has been christened Juevito…spanish for ‘little egg.’

    69. We traded our 5th wheel in for a 2016 Hurricane motor home in preparation of our upcoming retirement. Our 35 year old daughter cleverly came up with “A Streetcar Named Retired” and it has stuck!

    70. Our 28 foot Freedom Elite is named “THORZZYZX.”
      There is a road named Zzyzx on the way to Las Vegas out in the desert past Barstow. We stopped and got a good picture and fell in love with the name and spelling.

    71. Behemoth!
      (An amazing large butterfly (moth) that is beautiful, in spite of being so huge…)
      We started full-timing in our 2016 Wildcat Maxx 5th wheel 282RK last September. It has similar coloring to a Behemoth, and after “testing” out a few names, decided this one fit best. It allows us to “flutter” around the country, alighting where we want on what ever strikes our fancy.

    72. My little guy is a 16 foot Shadow Cruiser named “Jack” he is pulled by “Scrcrow” ie Scarecrow can only have 7 letters in license plates here in WI…now if my name was Diane (it’s Debbie) we would be a complete John Mellencamp set 😉 I’m a huge fan of Mr Mellencamp’s music and nothing makes me happier then cruising down the road playing his music in Scrcrow pulling Jack 🙂

    73. We just bought a 1985 Ford Econoline Class B. It has the original interior in great shape which is all rose-colored. Hence the name Rosie!

    74. Our RV is called the Aussie Rocket. It got that name from the previous owners. They were from Australia and were spending a year traveling the US. They bought the RV near the beginning of their trip and planned to sell it when they returned to Australia. Unfortunately they had to return early (after 5 months) due to a death in the family. We bought the RV and kept the name. We have used the RV for 9 years (about 5 months a year) and are selling it this our last year of RVing. We named our TOAD (towed car) little Roo to keep with the Aussie theme.

    75. We have christened our 1981 Glendale motor home “Gumby”, as its Manitoba, Canada license plate number is GMB 111. I love plate numbers that make a connection.

    76. Our F350 is called Silver, as in the Lone Ranger ‘Hi Oh Silver Away’ and our Big Horn fifth wheel is Baby Huey (the large cartoon duck) because of the bulbous appearance and copious water leaks when we first got it making us think about having a diaper on it…lol!

    77. “MGM Grand”
      Because everyone who walked in the door said “who needs to stay at the MGM Grand when you’ve got this place!” Now we have our own MGM Grand where ever we go.

    78. Desamona,

      Related to a song by Jimmy Buffet, “Desamona’s building a rocket ship.” She’s sleek, stainless gleams, simple, fast, just like a space shuttle!

    79. My New Truck Camper is called the Wolf Den. I love wolves. I love wolves so much I changed my last name to Wolf. I even have a Wolf walking out of a Dreamcatcher tattooed on my back.

    80. LeeAnn II
      After purchasing our 1st travel trailer we wanted a name unique to us. So we combined our middle names. Mine is Lee and my wife’s is Ann, thus the name LeeAnn. We now have a different RV so she is named “LeeAnn II”.

    81. Bought a Forester and named her “Maggie” for my mother. She was a stay-at-home mom and never really traveled and now she’s in assisted living. When I travel, she is with me in spirit and I then photograph all the places I go and show them to her, knowing she is always there. Wish physically she could .

    82. Mona! We have a Monaco Monarch, so we took the first 4 letters of each name. She actually named herself!!?

    83. Do rentals count? I called ours “Rolling Thunder” for the time we had her, driving from New York City to Arizona. The kids changed it to “TROLLING Thunder” though, thinking that that was funny or something.

    84. We have been RV’ing for many years, and this is our 5’th Travel Trailer. Since retiring 5 years ago we have been roving all over the U.S. Our newest Trailer is a 2017 27′ LANCE, so it is aptly named ROVER V. Next month we will head to the North East and complete our tour of America. We have always named all of our Cars and boats. The most interesting name is on our Toyota. When this car was less than one month old, we had to slam on the brakes suddenly, spilling a full pot of Spaghetti, sitting on the back seat. Resulting in the sauce flying all over our New White Leather seats. Our Daughter aptly named our car Luigi

    85. We bought a used 2005 motor home. It is 33 feet long. Since we are new to this and our camper is pretty big by our standards, we decided to name him… Bo- a shortened version of Behemoth. The dictionary states it means large or massive.

    86. Our 97 Mountain Aire is named “DREAMCATCHER”. It can take us anywhere we dream of going.

    87. TASHA – When our twin grandsons would travel with us in our 24 ft class C and the Garman GPS would say recalculating they would laugh and say Tasha wants Pappap to recalculate. Don’t know where they got the name Tasha but it stuck.

    88. I have a friend who bought a used class C that made a lot of noise from loose items and cabinets. His two kids named her “Lucy”..

    89. We call our 1995 Pleasureway Zephyr. In elementary school we learned new words through what the teacher called word wealth, and this was my favorite word wealth word. I’m a retired journalist so the word seemed to fit, and since we live in a place where people name their houses, it’s the same name as our house.

    90. As both retiring in a couple of years from the air line industry in Canada as Flight Service Director ( flight attendant) we have just name our 2015 Open Range light 319 RLS,
      and we are loving it.

    91. Serenity- I am a serious Brown Coat and still think it is too soon to talk about “Firefly”, Joss Whedon’s short lived series about Cowboy Space Pirate Smugglers. Our 2016 Grand Design Solitude Looks like a Firefly and it is our rugged home in “space”. Also, Our 2017 Ram 3500 D/W is named “Wash”. Gotta be a brown coat to get it.

    92. Our first RV a bright red Winnebago Travato was aptly named Ruby and we had our license plate personalized incorporating her name. We just upgraded to a new RV, sadly she is not red but considering our license plate and a play on Ruby the second, we dubbed her Ruby2sday.

    93. I named my 20′ Carson toy hauler, The BandWagon. I gutted it, except for the kitchen area, and turned the toy room into a musician’s toy room. Insulated and sound proof. It’s now a 11’x8′ band rehearsal area and recording studio. When the rear door drops down it becomes a stage for live gigs.

    94. We named our Forest River FR3 “K9HOUSE”. Sort of self explanatory to us older guys. However we do have two little “furbabies” that call the RV home

    95. Our motorhome is named”Otto” after my grandfather. We have a Coachman Freelander which gives us a final german sounding name of “OTTO FREELANDER”.

    96. We call our 5th wheel VRIJHEID which is Dutch for FREEDOM. Years ago when we bought our first sailboat, which was built in Holland, we decided that it needed a Dutch name. So we chose the Dutch word for freedom and that seemed to fit for the RV also.

    97. My wife gets the credit for this one. While pondering the name for our home on wheels she suddenly pops out with “HOWIE”.
      Home On Wheels IE.
      And so someday we may get HOWIE II, then III, etc.
      After all, they are our home on wheels, right?
      Oh, can’t forget DOLLY & FRED! Our DOLLY and RED VW Bug!

    98. Love to wander … lots to see.
      Named our Navion “Wanda” — when people ask ‘why’, I tell them we like to ‘wanda’….

    99. Name is DAYZEE. I wanted a name for a COW (Condo On Wheels) but since we didn’t get a COW we got a CALFF (COW Always Looking For Fun). I had the name picked out before we got the RV/Toyhauler which ended up being a Zinger Z-1

    100. “The Magic Bus”: After raising our three boys with a bumper pull travel trailer, we purchased a 1993 Vectra Spartan diesel, which we have redecorated, for my husband and I’s future travel-mobile. Since marijuana is now legal in Oregon, where we live, I told our very conservative children that we were gonna put a bong with old lady silk flowers in it on the dashboard, and travel around in our “Magic Bus”. They’re pretty sure we’ve lost our minds…..

    101. After tent camping for 30 years, we decided to become full time RV’ers. After searching for the right RV to live in comfortably for the next 10 years, we purchased a 40′ Cedar Creek 5th wheel. Because of it’s huge size, and the configuration of the 5th wheel, we call it The Sphinx.

    102. We named our Winnebago Vista LX “Bessie”. Instead of having a cabin on a specific lake we can visit different lakes or places as we wish. It is our “Cabin On Wheels” or COW. But didn’t think that Cow sounded like a good name but Bessie seemed like a very appropriate name for a cow.

    103. “HOW MUCH” Seamed to be my response every time I went to by some thing for my RV. So I felt this would be a proper name for my new toy.

    104. We call ours the Mobile Fortress.
      Our first rig was a FourWinds. When we first got it we primarily took it to LARP and SCA events. So, calling it a Fortress made sense, and was a play on words (FourWinds, Fortress)-This would later lead to our vanity plate: 4TRESS. Even after getting a newer set up, we kept ‘4TRESS’ as the plate and the name. It is our mobile castle, and our way to see the country.

    105. Named ours “Whirlybird” because it’s a Bluebird Wanderlodge. Flew choppers for over 25 years and when I would land sometimes in foreign countries, the kids would point and say “Look,whirlybird!” Also has a picture of me flying a Huey UH-1 looking for survivors after Mt. St. Helens blew in 1980.

    106. We have a whole setup for our RV and Toad. The RV is named Gypsy from the musical of the same name and the Tow vehicle is “Herbie” as in the musical follows Gypsy all around the country. We even have a name for the GPS….Mama Rose!!! We love musicals and have been fortunate enough to have our youngest daughter be a star on Broadway…42nd street as Peggy Sawyer and many other roles.

    107. The Ranch. Frank is from Wyoming and we’ll never have a real ranch so our RV is it!

    108. Bella the Beast
      Our 45ft Tuscany Motorhome seemed to need an Italian name because of the model and she was Beautiful so we named her Bella…and she is huge so she is a beast like beauty and the beast!

    109. Our RV is a Class B Coachmen Saratoga model. As we live in the South we named her ‘Miss Sara’.

    110. “The Beast”. I used to have a 32 ft Class C and I never gave it a name. I just bought a Class A Diesel which is 38 foot and when you stand next to it all I could think was, “wow she sure is a beast”. But I mean that in a good way. Looking forward to many adventures.


    111. We finally named our 35 foot Damon Maxine after buying and towing my Mini Cooper at just over 12 feet. Mini and Maxi.

    112. I’d love to tell you about my “DREAMCATCHER”!! There’s no other name for it!!!! My 12′ Aliner with a queen bed and all the amenities including a potty (hurray!) lets me set up in a minute and i fit about anywhere i go! I can piggyback if needed or find a cozy corner somewhere, get right by the water’s edge or park and hand swivel it around for a better view! With two big skylights you can watch the stars all night and dream big dreams. I dreamed of traveling with my 5 little rescue doxie mixes after i retired but being a lady traveling alone, i needed simple but nice. I keep it in my garage and pull it easily with my car. I put the name Dreamcatcher above the door and decorated with them inside. I cant even describe to you all the joy as I so easily travel all over the US affordably with my precious little crew! Catchin’ and makin’ so many dreams come true!!

      • Way to go Jan I am on my second year with my little guy Jack….i also fly solo but now have my rescue pup Ms Ginger to be my co pilot! Happy Adventures to you! I am headed out in less than 2 weeks for the UP of Michigan to hang out on Lake Superior 🙂

    113. Our rig is named “Serenity”, because before buying her we had 92 Coleman Popup Camper and because of its age it was always giving us problems. If it wasn’t one thing it was another and finally last summer I said that’s it we are buy a new travel trailer. We did this past December and took her out on her maiden voyage. The second day on our trip the name suddenly came to me because how easy and peaceful everything had gone, no more public showers or bathrooms!

    114. Moby Coach and the Guppy

      Our first coach was 31′, the next was 36′ diesel pusher the kids said looked like a whale and Moby was named abnd the tow car was the Guppy.

      Evelyn & Dick

    115. DINK.

      This happened one nite last summer camping with my daughter and my mother. We were playing scrabble and my daughter came up with this word that we accused her of making up. When we looked it up in the dictionary? We were surprised by its meaning. I am making a tire cover with this one word. What does it mean? Love. Weird huh?

      • Since I can’t change this. The Scrabble dictionary says to adorn. But Merriam Webster says without children. Interesting. So I am sticking with Adorn.

    116. After owning our RV for 2 years, we were showing a friend our state via the RV. She asked us if we had name the RV and we stated no. She then said “how about Mildred, that’s a good British name. Needless to say our friend was from England. Ever since, our RV has been named Mildred. Although, I have offered to my wife to alternate names inorder to have a male British name.:)

    117. My motorhome’s colors are wildberry and white, so her name is Muhlberry and she pulls a blue Trailblazer, known as Blueberry. So…we’re just the berries going down the road.

    118. Our Motorhome is big and bulky. So we call her “TATONKA” which is an Indian word for Buffalo. Seems to fit.

      • Hi, Paul. Thanks for your comment about your RV’s name. I’ve removed your email address from your comment so it isn’t “public” and thus less likely to receive Spam. We at can still see your email address, in case we need to get ahold of you. Have a good evening. 😀 —Diane at

    119. Our first RV was an Itasca; we named her Izzy.
      Our present motorhome is a Fleetwood Jamboree; our granddaughter named her Jammie.

    120. We have a 2017 Vilano by VanLeigh, so we named her Vivian VanLeigh…Star of America’s highways and byways. We think it sounds like a movie star from old Hollywood.

      She is escorted by Hank (as in Henry) in our 2017 Ford King Ranch F350 dually. They are quite the couple.

    121. We have a 1985 Minnie Winnie. We have named it “The Dog House.” A large part of making the decision to buy this 27 ft. older beauty was to take are two dogs along as we travel the US. And I love being able say that, Mike’s in the dog house. ?

    122. Our 24-foot Arctic Fox 22H travel trailer is Bob, short for Robert the Fox. His name is derived from Robert Guiscard, 11th-century Norman adventurer, often called the Fox.

    123. We have a 23 ft travel trailer (Sonic 190) that we call the “KT Cruiser.” My husband and I met on a cruise ship in 2013 and we share a love of cruising. Due to some health issues, we can’t go on as many ocean cruises now so we bought our little “KT Cruiser” to allow us some freedom of movement, even if it’s just to explore some nearby state parks. The KT comes from our names, Karlene & Terry.

    124. We had a Coleman popup which was self contained and 24 feet long when fully opened. We named it “Lake’s Abode” although not in itself unique we spelled it with international flags. People would always stop and ask what the flags meant. A great way to develop campground friendships.

    125. We have a little Chinook Concourse which we so enjoy. We are able to get in so many places where it is just 21 ft long.
      We decided to name it Seymour. Because of its size we can “see more” (Seymour).

    126. The coach’s name is Chaumière. (Say Show Me Air) It is French and it means a cottage – typically thatch roofed. The family history is full of vessels with French names.

    127. THE BEAST
      We have a 42 ft. Holiday Rambler. More than a few times going into gas stations, people would comment, ‘that’s a beast!’ My husband and I looked at each other and said, The Beast! We had it professionally made on our back mud flap in Holiday Rambler lettering. We love it!

    128. Classy
      We downsized from a 36 foot 5th wheeler to a 26 foot class c.
      We called the class c the class c and it morphed into classy.
      We love the ease of classy and are very happy we downsized.

    129. We are known as the Cruisin Didymops and our 5th wheel is named the Didymop. What is a Didymop you wonder? Well, it’s a genus of dragonfly, and as you well know with an RV you go draggin up the hill and then you fly down the other side.

      The Cruisin part for our name is because the Cruisers is a Family of the Didymop genus. We’ve been known as this for at least 12 years. And now we’ve all had a great zoology lesson.

    130. Empyrean: “belonging to or deriving from heaven”. It was a “Final Jeopardy” answer and we agreed that when we got our RV, that would be its’ name. That episode was rerun, thus solidifying our thought. We now own a 27′ Lazy Daze which is our little piece of heaven on earth.

    131. Like most campers we evolved from tents to pop ups to pickup campers and now are on our second 5th wheel and each of them has been called the “Bucket List Inn”. They have all been an intrical part of us filling in our ever growing bucket list of things we want to see and do before we do “kick the bucket”!

    132. “Just add Water”
      Our towable it 6 ft wide by 13 ft long, yes that’s all and it isn’t a popup. Perfect little camper to tow behind the Jeep Liberty when we need to. Has full bath, kitchen dinette/bed.

    133. My wife and I, being ex-boaters, take the naming of our vessels seriously! We just began the implementation of our retirement plan by purchasing a Tiffin, Allegro, Open Road 32SA. So, we shortened the Open Road to “Opie” and hence the name was conceived. Also, Opie is the name of Ron Howard’s character on Mayberry RFD, a wonderful sitcom of a relaxed time in our nation’s history – reminiscent of good times, good values and a wholesome lifestyle.

      Recently retired we bought our first motorhome last fall! It’s a beautiful 2009, 30 ft Holiday Rambler with all the available options! Our plans are to explore the southern states in winter & and the great white north in summer! We spent last winter we exploring Florida?.
      The motorhome is a Holiday Rambler, my wife’s middle name is Rose. Thus Ramblin Rose fits both our rig and our plans to ramble around the country! There is also a great old song of the same title about the love ❤️ Of ramblin Rose which fits us well!

    135. Bert
      We bought our RV (Winnebago View) when our 2 boys were still in high school. We were all together thinking of a name, my oldest said, “How about the Big Rolling Turd” which came from the movie “RV” with Robin Williams (We all loved that movie) The acronym for Big Rolling Turd is BRT, so we named it Bert.

    136. Our granddaughters named our 23 foot Jayco travel trailer “Daisy J” for us. They miss us terribly when we’re gone in the winter. Daisies are their favorite flower and we are suppose to think of them and Skype whenever we say the trailer’s name.It keeps us close

    137. I have a 1978 Fleetwood Tioga named “ODIN” Odin is a very special name for me because I’m a priest in the traditional, native religion of Northern Europe – Asatru. We believe in the old Norse gods, and Odin is the highest god of the Gods. The motorhome itself is definitely a ‘HE’, especially when it came down to the age old problem of who is the Alpha Male! Odin won that one! He is now 39 years old, built on a Dodge 3/4 ton van chassis, with the trusty and powerful old 440 engine. The only motorhome I’ve ever seen who can lift the front wheels off the ground when you ‘punch’ it!

    138. Yona

      Short for Canyona, as we love most everything about canyons, especially in Utah. On our recent maiden voyage in our new 27″ Class A, we took a fun hike and played around with naming ‘her’. We always knew she was a girl. After settling on her name, we googled the word Yona. Turns out it is a girl’s name in many languages. In Cherokee it means Little Bear. Just perfect!

    139. We purchased a 1996 Fleetwood Southwind 30e in April of 2015. This motorhome, although somewhat neglected, had low mileage and was the pride and joy of its original owner. The coach was sold to us by the granddaughter as the owner had passed several years earlier. We decided to give this coach a name in his honor. We refer to the coach as Mr. Harold.

    140. We call our 2009 Winnebago Adventurer the Gypsy Clipper. Gypsy for wandering the country and Clipper as in the sailing ships that traveled to distant ports of call.

    141. I’ve got a red and white Lazy Daze 23.5′ class C that has become my Little Red Wagon. I ended up picking this name because back in the days when I was tent camping almost every weekend I had a Radio Flyer wagon that I would use to carry coolers and heavier gear around the campground. I’m still camping, I’ve just upgraded my Radio Flyer, and now I don’t have to sleep on the ground 🙂

      We bought a lightly used 27 ft. 09 palamino puma. Pulled it home to work on it and it sat in the driveway in our small subdivision. We laughed that we would decorate it for halloween, then it stayed longer than intended while seeking storage. Finally we called it “Cousin Eddie” because in Chevy Chase Christmas..cousin Eddie shows up and does not know when to leave!! I’m sure when the camper went to storage the neighbors were happy. Well Cousin Eddie showed back up the 1st of April for a BHG makeover..Now Cousin Eddie is a glamper and ready to be on the road!

    143. OMAR ( operations, maintenance and repairs). My daughter actually named my new 2006 Sunseeker RV as it was added to our budget. Thought it made a cute name. Newly retired at 67 and solo RVer.

      • Hi, Cherrie,
        I removed your email address from your comment so it’s not “public” and could possibly get spammed. We can see it at, however, so we know where to contact you, if necessary. Thanks. 😀 —Diane at

    144. MONEY PIT,me thinks we all can relate to that sad reality of our hobby,the fun is camping,however at times the costs can be punishing!!

    145. We own a 45 foot PREVOST Liberty Lady Classic and we named him MAGELLAN and he tows a solid white F-150 named Casper. MAGELLAN was a famous explorer in the 16th century and he was responsible for not only exploring but for carefully charting courses that aided navigation for over 100 years. In his spirit, our MAGELLAN helps us explore our great country up close and we record our experiences in our own blog, allowing others to share in our dream.

    146. Our Rvs name is “Mable.”
      Our initials when scrambled spell Able and we call our 11 acres “Able Acres.”
      Our Mobile version of Home is

    147. MOVIN’ ON … is the name of our 40ft 2006 Mandalay. Before our retirement we used to travel on Catamarans in the Caribbean and in one port saw a fairly large Yacht named Movin’ On. In our first year of retirement as new Snowbirds from Canada we traveled to a lot of different areas in the Southern US looking for what we would deem the perfect location. Each time we headed down the road searching for the next best spot I felt like we were traveling in our Beautiful LAND YACHT……. which reminded of the floating Yacht years before.

    148. Yes, my wife has named our 34 ft 5th wheel Sissy. It all started when we bought our truck a 2011 Ford F-250 4×4, and she named it Bubba. When we bought our Fiver her and her BFF got together and were talking that she should be named Sissy in honor of the movie Urban Cowboy which was filmed at Gilleys about two miles from where she grew up. So Bubba and Sissy will be together fore ever.

    149. We’ve been to alot of Lewis and Clarke’s adventure stops. I call our trips “Core of Discovery” trips, so our F250 is Lewis and the TT is Clarke. It just fits.

    150. We just bought our rig in Michigan. On the way home my husband and I discussed naming her and landed on Serenity. That is the name of the spaceship on FireFly…one of our favorite movies and TV series with Nathan Fillion. We love our new digs!!!

    151. We purchased our 2016 KZ Spree Connect when my wife retired at the end of 2015. With both of us being retired and with more time to travel, we named the trailer “Freeda Roam”.

    152. Restless Diesel for our Winnebago View. I’ve always liked Cream, and the lyrics of White Room are great. “You said no strings could secure you.” Classic.

      • My 24′ Born Free Class C is named “Sophie.”

        I loved the series of novels by Patrick O’Brian about the British naval officer Captain “Lucky Jack” Aubrey, which inspired the movie “Master and Commander.” In the books, the first ship Jack Aubrey commanded when he achieved the rank of Post Captain was called the Sophie.

        When I retired 3+ years ago and bought a small used Class C in which to full-time, it was the first home I ever owned outright, no rented apartment, no mortgaged house. So I named her Sophie in honor of the first ship Lucky Jack truly commanded.

    153. Last summer we bought a vintage 1991 23’ Aero Cruiser in Portland, Oregon. My husband drove the MH to Eugene while I followed in the car, checking tail and brake lights and thinking this MH looks good even from behind. My husband pulled up at the house, got out of the RV, and said, “BERNIE”. The parking spot was already marked with a Bernie for President lawn sign, the name stuck, and he’s our vintage Bernie.

    154. Our 1997 Aerolite 21rbh has been named “Milton”, he is not a Hilton but better than a Motel 6. We have completely updated and repainted everything. He even has an email address and Good Sams gave him a free year membership.

    155. I purchased my first RV, a Thor Citation, to travel in when I retire. My daughter has a Cocker Spaniel named Lilly. I decided to name my RV the “Lilly Pad” after that sweet puppy. And she loves going on trips with us in the Lilly Pad !!

    156. I call my current tiny RV the Feliner because I travel with two beautiful calico cat sisters. They are such good companions and had to put up with a lot to learn to travel. Neither had ever been outside the house except for vet visits. So it seemed only fitting to name it in honor of the cats. Feliner also hints at what I will replace this little RV with when I sell my house–a much larger Class C motor-liner with a toy garage. In it I’ll carry my kayak and scuba gear and a 4-wheel mobility scooter. The scooter will also be transportation for the cats. It has an extra large basket in the rear for which I designed and made a padded and covered area for my kitties to ride in. I won’t be towing a vehicle, so the scooter will get us around town and down a lot of hiking trails. I don’t plan to leave them alone in the motorhome unless pets can’t go where I must go.

    157. My awesome 17′ Bigfoot travel trailer is named “Marty.” My parents bought the Bigfoot brand-new in 1988, and I am now the privileged owner. It’s also my full-time home. Both my parents are gone now, so when it came time to name the Bigfoot, I tried to come up with something that would honor its original owners. My Mom’s name was Mary, & my Dad’s was Art, so “Marty” seemed a good choice. The Bigfoot likes it, too!

    158. We named our 36ft Crusader 5th wheel Beauty, because she is…and because we named our 350 Ford King Edition diesel ,Beast. They were made for each other….and for us.

    159. Trevor.
      We live in New Zealand and have our 1992 Mallard in Victoria BC . We called it Trevor as there is a politician in New Zealand named Trevor Mallard. Neither of us support his party but figured Kiwis would make the connection.

    160. Our 2017 Sunseeker DS is named Annie. We each traded in our Class Cs in order to travel together. Each of us has the middle name Anne. Combining our resources and our names seemed like a good idea. We are two old ladies on an adventure!

    161. I named my Winnebago Vista “The Bread Truck” because it’s white and when I sent some pics out with it sitting in the snow my smart aleck friends came back and said it looked like a big bread truck. So, I got the decals made and named her.

    162. My fiver’s name is Tara (from Gone With The Wind). I was homeless for over 2 years, living in a tent. This 29′ fiver is a palace to me- like Tara- home. A place to gather strength, be safe, rejuvenate. I”m a full-timer, so I have my Tara with me.

    163. Maxine. We have a newly purchased 2001 Newmar Dutch Star and she is 39 feet long and is the largest thing I have driven, so she is big to the max.

    164. Lucille- We just sold our 40 foot diesel pusher and wanted to downsize to a travel trailer. We ended up with a 33 foot Wind River and with our 21 foot 1 ton truck we are still very long. Looking at our long , long trailer reminded me of the funny old movie with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz called “The Long long trailer”. That was how we thought of our name for our RV. (The truck of course is named Desi)

    165. “Moonbeam”. Our Great grandniece’s middle name is “Moon”. She helped us choose our travel trailer and went on the maiden voyage with us.

    166. Tripper!! Our new Black Stone travel trailer. We take our trips in our Travel Trailer. So we name him Tripper. So much fun.

    167. My 36 ft. Tiffin Allegro with four slides is called “The Robert E. Lee” (or Bob). Because of its grand size, it is like a Mississippi paddle boat traveling the big river. “Bob” is a Traveling Man, like his namesake. As a solo woman RVer, it is sometimes convenient to refer to needing to “get back to Bob” when chatting with strangers on the road.

    168. My 30ft 5th wheel is named Rocinante. It’s the name of Don Quixote’s horse. I have been known to tilt at windmills now and then and once in a long while I win.

    169. The name of our 35 foot MCI mo6torhome is “Stagecoach”. Hope the tire gauge is for up to 125 PSI

    170. Four years ago we bought a 2001 National Surf Side from a private owner and we named her Gracie. It seemed appropriate because For the Grace of God, We got a nice RV for a Great price!! 🙂

    171. In October 2008, I purchased a 1999 Chinook Concourse 2100XL, which I christened, “The American Spirit.” The choice of name was partly to recognize the manufacturer, which had gone out of business in 2005, but is now resurrected under new ownership, and to celebrate the adventure and lifestyle of being an RVer.

    172. We named our Coachmen Mirada 29DS “The Spotted Dog”. I followed it 1800 miles home from the dealership (we had planned to tow the car after engine break-in, but the umbilical had the wrong connector at one end, so I drove all the way home). Seeing the Dalmation logo in front of me all that way … what else could we call it?

    173. CMore (pronounced “See-More) is our 2012 Tiffin Allegro Class A.
      After flying over all this country at 35,000 feet, we decided we wanted to see more of it from ten feet. See more national parks, see more back roads, and just simply see more of America. Sometimes we tow a ski boat named Celebration when grandkids are involved.

    174. My 25-ft. Allegro is named Dolly because she’s beautiful and flashy. I bought her from a graphic designer who had enlarged one of his original designs and transferred it to the stuff (don’t remember what it’s called) that’s put on busses and race cars, and then he wrapped Dolly in it. It’s a wild and pretty design, especially the back end, and it even includes his small signature on the front. I’m waiting for him to become famous so I can sell Dolly for an exorbitant amount of money.

    175. Galactica is a 2012 Monaco Knight. It’s a 40′ Class A diesel pusher and our very first RV. Friends commented by saying, “you’re starting out rather big aren’t you?” Upon taking it home for the 1st time and attempting to park it in our driveway, a neighbor came out stated “do need any help docking the starship “Galactica ?”
      The name stuck!

    176. We got our 2002 class C in 2005. My wife named it LittleMo. We’d be going down a highway checking out all the motor homes and she’d say ” I sure do love our LittleMo” We’ve been to Alaska in it 3 times, to Nova Scotia and PEI and West across Canada and from East Coast to West Coast of the US on our journeys.

    177. The Name is:
      Moby Dick,
      The Great White Whale
      The Coach is Big, Mostly White
      Not the Swiftest thing around but it gets the job done
      The name fits perfectly, for Herman Melville’s
      And like Moby, our 17 year old coach just keeps going on and on,
      Regardless of a few troubles that would slow down a lesser whale.

    178. My mother passed away 2 years ago at the age of 94. She always encouraged us to take time to enjoy life, manumits being too busy to heed her advice. Last August we purchased our first camper and began our new retired life camping. Remembering mother, we decided to honor her with the name for our trailer. Her nieces and nephews always called her sister because her only sister called her that and it stuck in the family. Our last name being Saint, we formed the name “SISTER SAINT” and added a small cross close to her name. We know mom would have loved to travel with us and its nice that she is there always.

    179. Good Day, My wife Carolyn is one of 10 kids. When she was a little girl her brothers could not properly pronounce her name, so one called her “Can-O-Rin” and the other one called her “Can-A-Roo.” When we bought our Fleetwood Bounder and learned the history of why it is called the “Bounder” we knew the name for our coach just had to be “Roo” in honor and homage to Carolyn 2 brothers who have since passed and the Fleetwood Kangaroo Bounder lineage.

    180. The Tree House
      Because when we bought our travel trailer a year ago it was in dire need of repairs — major repairs we soon learned. So we repaired and repaired and repaired with whatever we had on hand … much like we did as kids when we built our backyard tree houses.
      After his retirement as a school principal King (the guy I married 41 years ago) and I took a job as caretakers on a hobby farm. There is no end to the projects the farm owner dreams up while in the city during the week. He shows up on weekends with a plethora of “really necessary items” that are sometimes needed for his projects and sometimes not … needless to say there are a lot of high-end leftovers that went into our Tree House project (with the owners blessing, of course).
      We just spent five months on the road and are back on the “farm” for the summer and will leave again in the fall. In the meantime we will be adding to our Tree House.

    181. After retiring 3.5 years ago at age 58, my wife and I bought our 1st RV (a Forest River Cruise Lite trailer) 1 year ago to pull behind our new Silverado. We both love Disney and I am fond of Chip and Dale. So, we named it “Chip and Dale’ettes Nut House” We stenciled the name at the top of the back wall and put a tree stencil below it with the names of our 5 children on big nuts hanging from the branches and our 7 grandchildren’s names on smaller nuts hanging from branches below their parents – a family tree of nuts!

    182. We call our rig “See-See”. It all started with the GPS. When we would talk about where to go next, it was look at the GPS and see where it leads us. That eventually morphed into “See-See”. She leads us all over the place so we can see what is in this beautiful country.

    183. We named our mini RV “Pickles”. As older seniors, we (and probably others) remind ourselves of the comic strip characters Grandma and Grandpa.

    184. We have a little Honda Civic that we drive . When we got our Ford F4 50 Dooley we call that “The Beast”. So we Refer to our 40 ft Durango gold fifth wheel as the “Beauty ” so we have
      ” Beauty and the Beast”

    185. Nothing too creative about our MH’s name: Oscar – named after the man we purchased it from. It was 6 years old when we bought a 2000 Fleetwood Southwind with 4212 miles on it. Yes 4212. We replaced the house batteries and the tires. Still going strong!.

    186. This name is very boring, but the reasoning behind it is comical. I call my ’05 class B Pleasure-Way. “THE VAN.” I live in a town home convenient controlled area. I refer to my rig while it is in the driveway, “The VAN; when I back it out…it’s my RV.
      I bought my rig brand new and have had no issues with the HOA.

    187. We run a 25′ View, a bit newer than the one you recently sold. We named her “Vera,” a female name, derived from Latin meaning “True.” Hence her name is “Vera View.” We also have a small tow, a Kia Soul, named “Tina.” So our entourage is now “Vera View and Tina Toad.”

    188. I’ve owned a 21 foot Toyota Dolphin for about 25 years and I love the thing. I was a big fan of Ken Keysey and the Merry Pranksters in the late sixties. His bus “Further” was always on my mind when I thought of road tripping, so “Further” is the name of my little motorhome. I’m trying to keep Keysey in my and other people’s minds I guess…

    189. In May of 2014, I bought a new 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB. It’s a Super-C class motorhome built on a Freightliner cab-chassis. Since the diesel engine is up front, FrED (Front End Diesel) seemed appripriate.

    190. Our 5th wheel is named “Lucy” because we have been fans of the Lucille Ball/Desi Arnez movie “The Long Long Trailer” for years. Lucy is only 34′ long, much shorter than what was in the movie, but it’s our first RV and seems quite lengthy. We bought her last fall and when we refer to her, it’s much easier to just say “Lucy” than “the 5th wheel”.

    191. Our Gunyah
      As an Aussie American I chose an Australian Aboriginal name for our home. Gnyah means a temporary dwelling made of sticks and bark, and that seems to be close to an RV.
      Our truck is called Our Woomera (which means a throwing or propelling stick).

    192. Our 2008 Jamboree, we call ” The Heisenberg ” the front plate is wrapped in a frame that says “Cooking ” and the rear plate frame says ” Say My Name” . Shortly after buying our rig, we began watching the series, Breaking Bad. Loved the show and watched every season in our rig traveling. We are retired and enjoy all the looks we get while camping as we have added large decals to both front corners of Heisenberg’s logo… Great Fun….

    193. My RV’s name is Ms. Kitty. I met a couple in an old bus they had converted when I was 16. My Mom saw how much I wanted the RV life. Over the years my parents went with me to RV shows and stood by when I had to talk to every RVer I met. Both of my parents have passed on but my Mom, Ms Kitty, is with me still, Traveling around the country sharing my dream,

    194. My wife and I in 2013 embarked on our Fulltime Rv life as Volunteer Workampers . We have been lucky enough to have Two jobs ,one being on the Mississippi River as County Camp Hosts during the Summer Season . At the end of October we head to Southern Texas in the RGV as Activities Personnel. We are never in anything but Summer so we Had a decal made with a Palm Tree in the center and the Our 5th Wheels Name “Endless Summer “Surrounding it.

    195. Daisy
      I chose this name for my Lazy Daze motorhome for three reasons: (1) It’s a play on the Lazy Daze brand name, (2) The daisy is one of my birth month flowers and (3) I wanted to be able to say, “I’m driving Miss Daisy.”

      P.S.: My car’s name is Sweet Pea, my other birth month flower.

    196. A friend of ours watched us over the years go from tents. to a pop-up, to a conventional 24′ trailer, and finally to our 35′ triple-slide 5th wheel. When he first saw it he said, “That’s a behemoth!” It stuck. We love our 18-yr old know as “The Behemoth”.

    197. My 98 Holiday Rambler Endeavor is named Dame Edna Endeavor. Partly after the entertainment personality ( if you look just right the headlights and mirrors look like she is wearing cat’s eye glasses ala Dame Edna. )

      In addition it is to pay homage to my Great Aunt Edna, who was my surrogate grandmother. She lived to be 100. I used to have a 70 Cutlass I named Edna, in her honor because she was “an oldie but a goodie” Likewise my Endeavor is the same. She may be old but she is built strong and will go on for a good long time.

      When I got the coach I intended on naming her Edna II, but decided she needed a more regal name to fit her stature, and presence, thus she got a title, and I got Dame Edna Endeavor.

    198. Destiny is our Newmar Ventana’s name. The name was selected from a quote in a Star Wars movie, “Luke – it is your destiny.” We feel as though entering retirement and touring the country in a motor coach is God’s destiny for us.

    199. Bart is the name of our Silverback 5th wheel after Bart the Bear. We have a friend who is into naming cars, etc. and decided Sylvia was a good name if we were so inclined. Well, hubby was not so inclined as he wanted a more manly name than that so he set about finding a better name. He remembered the bear actor, Bart (as in The Edge), and thought that fit well since there is a type of bear called the Silverback. Bart has stuck ever since and when our pickup is towing Bart, it is the Bartmobile.

    200. Our TT is named “Mabel” after my wife’s grandmother. She lived to 101 years, owned her own hunting camp and hunted deer into her 80s. The only reason she stopped hunting was because she injured her ankle. She never spent an overnight in her camp until we took our camper there and she joined us. After she passed and we got our new camper we decided we would name it for her.

    201. My RV’s name is Bogey. Named after Humphrey Bogart. It’s a Heartland Landmark Key Largo. Key Largo was the movie name. Guess I’m really old school.

    202. Me and wifey, Rina, have a little Roadtrek 190 Popular (RT). “RT” sounds like “Arty” but we wanted a feminine name so it became “RITA”. Those are my loves, Rina and Rita.

    203. Our 21′ Toyota Huntsman is named “NHLM”, (pronounced ‘NIL – Em’) which stands for “Not Home – Leave Message”

    204. Randy & Judy
      Our new camper is HOME2GO..
      We came up with it during licensing it.
      Every asks what is your camper??
      Hence HOME2 GO
      From the province of Land of Living Skies in Canada..

    205. We call our 25′ class C “The Big White Monster” because our little terrier/poodle cross was terrified of it. The problem was, he loved camping and being with us, he just didn’t like all the rattles and bangs coming out of the belly of the monster as we rolled down there. Quite a dilemma for the little fella.

    206. ZEEK’S HOUSE
      We wanted to see the USA and the only way to travel full time with a dog is in an RV .The name has stuck through 3 different RV’S . Of course our dog’s name is ZEEK.

    207. “FleurDeLees” Same as we named our series of boats. play on the french for lily: fleur de LIS. My name is Lee. My wife is “Oleta” but when she was a teen in NJ, it was not a cool name so she chose the nick name of “Lee”. Her family still calls her that–I did not know this fact until we were engaged (40years ago). We were previous boaters, there is a sequence with recreational aging: “Sailboat, motorboat, motorhome, nursing home.”. We are in Stage 3.

      BTW it was pleasure to meet Chuck and Gail at the Puyallup RV show!1 I always enjoy the newsletter

    208. Among other things, for many years we have been into model railroads and riding on Narrow Gauge Railroads all over our great country. Back in 2001 we named our first Class A the “Loose Caboose” and had a brass plaque on the front and rear caps. Then in 2007 we purchased our second Class A and had a decal made for the rear cap saying “Loose Caboose”.

      In late 2014 we ordered our third Class A, a 2015 Holiday Rambler Ambassador. We had a custom decal made for the rear cap that says “LOOSE CABOOSE II” with a drawing of a caboose between the words.

      We still enjoy model railroading and have more narrow gauge roads to visit. We have been on several narrow gauge railroads such as the Whitepass and Yukon in Alaska, the Bedford in Massachusetts, The 1880 Train in South Dakota, and the Cumbres and Toltec in New Mexico. We have also been on the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad in Colorado and the SAM Shortline Excursion Railroad in Georgia, both of which are standard gauge.

      We also have visited several railroad museums such as Steam Town, the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum and the Caboose Motel all in Pennsylvania, the Huntsville Railroad Museum in Alabama, and the Cheyenne Depot Museum in Wyoming, to name a few..

      The Loose Caboose II will continue to travel across the USA on many more trips. If you see us in a campground or rest stop, come on in and say hello. And yes, the horn sounds like a modern train whistle.

    209. DART
      May 6, 2017 @ 11:06 AM
      Down sized from a 40′ BLUEBIRD To a 30′ IB Lazy Daze class “C”.

    210. She’s 23 feet long and very compact. My Pleasure Way XLMB’s name is Myrtle the Turtle and I love her!

    211. Our big girl is named Roada after Willie Nelson ‘s On the “road a” gain. We always begin our adventures by playing and singing the CD.

    212. When we bought our 2015 F-150 and TT our maiden voyage was to visit our daughter in Denver. On our way across I-80 the truck would brake on it’s own when it detected too much sway, told me the keys were on the floor in the back (the truck was reading a text from the daughter looking for her keys) and the alarm kept going off when the dogs were in the cab at a beer garden (it was too cold to sit outside). I named the truck Chucky because I could picture it just taking over our lives. We traded Chucky in for Talking Tina (2017 F-250) and the new camper was named The Twilight Zone. It seems to fit how we live our life!

    213. My wife is Brazilian and when her sister visited us she called our TT the “Casinha” (pron. Ca-zeen-ya), which is Portuguese for little house. It stuck.

    214. Waywardwind

      Because of the song….Waywardwind. .. “Was a restless wind that yearned to wander”. Which described us. Unfortunately we no longer have our rv.

    215. We named our Thor 23U Gypsy Rose. Like a rose we are nutured by the earth, water, air and sun around us. Through the storms of the road we grow stronger and wiser. And like the flower of the rose our gypsy seeds blow where the wind takes us to grow in the elements that nuture us once again.

    216. We have a 38′ Newmar class A motor home and fortunate enough to be able to park it on our property in St.Petersburg Fl……I am always outside tinkering with it………… and when our dear friend calls my wife and asks what I am doing…….. her response is fixing this or playing with that on the motorhome……. our friend says he is with his “mistress” again…..and that name has kinda stuck………..of course my wife says that is the only ” mistress” I will ever let him tinker with.

    217. We full time in our DRV Mobile Suite fifth wheel. I took to calling our rig Suite Pea for obvious reasons.

    218. Our Minnie Winnie has been “Winnie” since day one. We even have a Winnie the Pooh key ring for it.

    219. Roarrrrie
      I purchased my 37 foot RV 2 years ago. I had never driven anything bigger than my car before. When I I turned on my engine it roared with power and purpose. It roars down the road and growls at mountains. Roar!

    220. OSH IV (Our Second Home #4)
      Been RVing with growing family since 1968; and the name is descriptive of that long history. Since 2013 (wife’s passing) have been full time in the “second home”.

    221. Dink
      When we first got out 25″ Leisure Travel Van, my husband said, ” It’s so dinky.” He’s been Dink ever since. I love Dink!

    222. We named our Newmar DutchStar “Jacob”. We thought it was a good, respectable Amish name

    223. Our 2004 Class B Pleasure Way is called:“ITCHY FEET”. It reflects moving on from one location to another when we desire to do so. Itchy Feet provides the means for us to travel when we want and to where we want in style.

    224. Our 17′ Casita travel trailer is named “Yacht Enough.” My husband and I Have been captain and first mate/chef on 100-foot yachts for the past 20 years. We live full-time in our trailer and adapting to that was easy because on megayachts of 100′ the crew quarters are really small, there is only room for a few belongings, and we get to move around to new places a lot. Though we love yachting we never could afford a yacht so our little trailer is “Yacht Enough” for us.

    225. Ours is called “Moho”. 15 years ago, a sweet little surrogate granddaughter couldn’t say motorhome. She called it Papa and Nana’s moho. The name stuck.

    226. “Toots” aka my mom. She was a great broad, epitomizing that term. We camped when i was younger, but as empty nesters they had several RVs. She passed away just 2 months before we got our 5th wheel. We had a custom vinyl sticker made with an angel and “Toots” below and it is placed next to our door, so I can “see” her every time I get home. Of course she’s always in my heart.

    227. My wife wanted a toad for our Winnebago Navion; i thought it would be too much trouble–an albatross around my neck. But she got it (a Smart Car) anyway, and let me name it Al.

    228. Unfortunately not mine. This past Thursday, May 4th (be with you), I was headed south on I-25 into Colorado from Wyoming and passed a Winnebago View with “Minnie Winne” stenciled on to the rear of the MH. Hopefully the owner is a subscriber and enters their rig. It gave me a chuckle.

    229. We named ours Cary. It stands for containment area for retired yankees.We are both from up north but have retired in NC.

      Bob and Sofia

    230. Goldilocks…..not too small, not to large, JUST RIGHT. We started out with a 17ft travel trailer, then. 25 ft followed by a 30ft 5th wheel. Goldilocks is a perfect 26 ft. 5th wheel that fits into our favorite state parks . She is a Rockwood 8244 ws with a great floor plan.

    231. We named our latest motorhome “la tercera tortuga” – “the third turtle”.

      The story behind it: When our grandchildren were 11 and 8, we took them on a trip in our first motorhome (a Class C) for a few days. The kids were enamored by the idea that we could sleep, eat and travel, all in one vehicle and called it “The turtle”, because we carried our home on our back, like a turtle.

      We are now in our third motorhome and when we told the grandchildren, “the third turtle” immediately surfaced.

      My granddaughter was taking Spanish at the time, and she immediately latched on the “la tercera tortuga” – and it stuck.

    232. Matilda

      Mobile Apartment That I Love Daily Adventures

      We started calling it our Mobile Apartment early on. Decided we needed to name this one, since it was a keeper.

    233. Fermata Place
      Several reasons – definition: musical term meaning “a pause or rest of undetermined length” Kids are music teachers. When we met my wife lived on Fermata Pl. Been married 30 wonderful years and starting a new chapter with our first RV. For us the name Fermata Place means a place of rest.

    234. Flamoose . The fla stands for flamingo, my husband who would rather stay in florida and moose is myself sine I grew up in Alaska and would rather be there.

    235. My wife and I retired in October 2016 to explore in our Wildcat 327RE which we dubbed “FREEDOM”. Of course our tow vehicle is named “BIG RED”.

    236. Our 30 ft 2013 Monaco La Palma is “Thyra” which means beautiful dawn. We bought her after almost losing a transmission in our previous 22 year old Southwind. Thyra was so beautiful when we picked her up that we decided to go full time (2 years ago). We named her while staying in Carrabelle Beach Florida one morning at sunrise as the sun broke through the palms rising directly behind her, casting golden rays of hope for our new life. We’ve never looked back.

    237. My 3 last motor homes have had the same name. Have always had small dogs until recently, both Poms passed away after over 17 years of providing much joy of having them. And as most men can relate of us being in the dog house I thought it was appropriate to name the coaches “La Casa de Pero” and it stuck. Now to just find another Pom.

    238. The Mouse House

      Our 24ft SunSeeker MBS is small, so the wife says she is staying in one. LOL

    239. I just bought a Four Winds MH so named it Maria from the song from Oklahoma “and they called the wind Maria”. With her V10 she does go like the wind and anywhere the wind blows.

    240. Our Fleetwood Discovery is called Knot At Sea, from a long history of boating in South Florida. There was a trawler called Knot So Fast, a motor yacht we named Knot II Fast and a center console called Iii Knots Faster. We just recently retired and wanted to cruise on land for awhile and appropriately, we are now in a land yacht.

    241. Her name is “Trudy”. It happens that the GPS we use in the coach has a voice very similar (deep south accent) to a wonderful lady we know named “Trudy”. We’ll be rolling down the road and Trudy will speak to us…

    242. We travel, very comfortably, in our Fibreglass Trillium Outback 13′ trailer. Very small, very compact…and to us, perfect.
      We call it “OSOKOZY”.

    243. We purchased a used 24-foot Fleetwood Mallard from a private party in AZ in 2016 and hauled it home to MN. We named her Duckee and are having a great time “flying south” in the winter.

    244. We considered our Winnebago View our cabin on wheels, or COW. So we we called it Bessie, with our current rig we are planning on lots of road trips so we named it Charlie from John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charlie “

    245. I am a recently retired teacher, as is my wife. Just prior to retiring, I bought a used 5th wheel toy hauler. We decided to name our “vacation” home PRIMO RUDY’S ROADHOUSE. We have named our back yard Primo Rudy’s Backyard. Primo (cousin) Rudy was a Rottweiler dog we had that made himself the center of attention when we had a group of people over to enjoy fajitas, beer and fire.

    246. We travel in our T.A.R.D.I.S (time and relative dimensions in space for you non-Whovians)
      She is an 18′ expandable travel trailer with a slide out, she looks small on the outside but spacious on the inside. Evoking ooohs and aaahs from fellow campers wanting to see inside of the cute little trailer. We spent 2 months this winter traveling in her, and racked up 7,000 miles, good thing I had my Sonic screwdriver handy to fix the odd bits along the way.

    247. COW, Condo on Wheels. We’ve had multple 5th wheels over the years. We recently puchased a 43′ Allgero Bus for retirement. My husband and I keep calling it a “camper” so we are trying to change our mindset to “COW” cuz it definitely is not a “camper”. Now here comes all the cow paraphinelia, starting with the butter dish.

    248. I am a retired Fast Attack nuclear submariner. I asked some friends to give me suggestions for names. I chose to combine two suggestions into naming the RV. Coming from my Navy roots; USRV and from a former retired shipmate: TOFEL. The official name is; USRV TOFEL (Two Old Farts Enjoying Life)

    249. Our new fifth wheel is called “The Mermaid”. Our passion of the waterways (oceans and seas) lead us to travel along the East Coast. Along with the freedom we feel when we travel, and the lure of the water, mermaid was the perfect choice. We have a beautiful wooden hand carved mermaid as the focus wall decoration when you enter our abode setting the stage of relaxation and anticipation of many uncharted journies to come.

    250. Why Wait?

      We managed to survive some ‘bumps in the road’ for several years, Two bouts with cancer and a serious issue with my heart, we had finally made it through the woods when life intervened again! My wife’s mother had begun an accelerated descent in to the hell called Alzheimer’s, necessitating moving her into special extended treatment facility! She now lives in her own world and is essentially unresponsive to our’s.

      We put our plans of traveling in our TT on hold and were prepared to settle in and await the inevitable. Family, medical associates and friends all counseled us to get moving (while we still can) instead of ‘waiting’…Hence, “Why Wait’!

    251. The first toy hauler was HaRVey, for our Harley and RV, we bought a new toy hauler a few months ago, so this one is H2.

    252. My baby is named AUNT BEE. She is a 40 foot Class A. We did not plan on thus size, however we got her at a price we could not refuse. Why Aunt Bee? Well, because she is a BEHEMOTH, thus the Bee and she makes me feel like I have a favorite AUNT traveling along with me.

    253. We call our motorhome the U.N.I.T. (You And I Together) aka The Weiner Mobile. We have two mini Doxies! We had a naming contest with our kids. We liked them both so we, well … sort of combined the two.

    254. My little Rialta name is Jubilee 🙂 Jubilee means freedom and liberty from bondage. So I’m so happy that my new to me Jubilee will bring me some Adventures without the stress of everyday life.

    255. Kristoff – He is a Dutch “Star” – from the movie Frozen. The toad is Anna. The first year out we had numerous delays and adventures, including a tornado. Then my son said, “Mom, you do know that Kristoff and Anna had a heck of a time getting together, didn’t you?”

    256. Hercules or “Herc” in honor of my 29 years as a flight nurse in the Air Force and many hours in the C130 Hercules airplane. My trailer is a 20′ airstream so it mimics the plane, both are a stubby tin can next to their counterparts of large RVs or airplanes. I feel almost invincible as a solo female RVer much like “Hercules”-considering this I was a huge retirement decision not having RV experience! I feel a clever name is just as important as the RV choice!

    257. My 3911 Newmar (Canyon Star) is named Julie. She was named after Julie Newmar-catwoman of Batman fame movies.

    258. “The Turtle”
      Our class C is named “The Turtle”. It’s a hard shell that we stay in that’s kind of slow. We figured the name was appropriate, especially since it was a turtle that got us together in the first place.

      Many years ago my coworkers convinced me to place a personal ad on-line. Jokingly, I posted a picture and told about my interests and asked for a photo in return.

      I didn’t think much about it afterward. When I checked the account a couple days later there were 42 replies… What was I going to do with 42 replies? I started deleting all of the replies with no picture. About half way through them I opened one with no photo and I had my finger on the delete key. Then at the last second I saw in the middle of the text… “Snapping Turtle”.

      When my kids were little we had a large aquarium in the house. I had set it up as a terrarium with a waterfall, little pine trees, moss covered rocks and a small pond. The kids found a baby snapping turtle one day and we had the perfect home for it. We had it for about six years before we set it free.

      Intrigued by what this person could possibly be talking about I decided to read the reply even without a photo. She told about her four kids, two dogs, camping, kayaking, and if I didn’t think that was a zoo, they also had a pet snapping turtle.

      That was enough for me and sent her a reply. It was the only one I replied to. A year and a half later we were married and to this day we have turtles to thank for it.

      If you pull into a campground and see a motor home with a big Snapping Turtle decal on the side stop by and say “Hi”.

      Steve and Karen

    259. Bubbles
      She is a silver Era with no decals other than bubble circles we put on the driver’s side over by the diesel fill.
      My wife and I are whale watchers. We felt that the Era should reflect that passion. The Era is a big gray beast. The Humpback Whale is gray and blows bubbles as part of its feeding ritual. (Her toad is a silver Smartcar named Squirt, the young sea turtle in the Finding Nemo movie.)

    260. Our car license has NLJj…translates to Naughty Lady Jane so our RV is Duchess of Winnebago.

    261. Last Child
      We own a 2000 R-Vision Condor 34ft. Cass A and we named it last child. Between my wife and I we raised a total of 5 children. We thought the name would be appropriate for our retirement choice. It is our last baby as we will not look for another RV. I am 77 and my wife is 63.

    262. We have a 2004 Rialta that we have named Moonflower. Yes, we are baby boomers, although not hippies:) Our first pop top VW was butter yellow and named Buttercup; when we traded for our Rialta,, white with maroon trim, we chose the beautiful evening flower, Moonflower, as her most appropriate name. (Although now repainted a butterscotch tan with just white trim, she remains our Moonflower, none the less.)

    263. Dora (the explorer)

      My name is Donna and my husbands name is Ray. Picked the 1st two letters of each name and we had a name that describes our new rv’ing lifestyle!

    264. Huey
      For baby Huey from the old cartoons. We have a 45ft coach and it just looks big compared what one imagines for a “camper” just like baby Huey was big for a baby.

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