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Dog scratches its way through RV door

What can we learn from these photos? That some dogs will do just about anything to get out of an RV if left alone? Or do we learn that some RVs are so cheaply made, including their doors, that a dog can, with a little effort, scratch its way outside to freedom?

And, yes, these photos are real, with no Photoshop involved.

You may wonder after witnessing this exhibition of dog creativeness if a hungry, creative bear might do the same, but in the opposite direction.


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Bob Eubanks
2 years ago

Was the dog hot did the RV become unbearable hot was he out of water where you gone for over a day

Bluebird Bob
2 years ago

We travel full time with our 2 cats. They have their cat box inside when needed and plenty of food and water also. Cats seem to sleep 16-18 hours a day so plenty of time to go do things and know they are taken care of. One of ours even walks on a leash, so I take her for a walk most evenings. The other one could care less about going out. Another great thing about traveling with cats is you DON’T have to take them out when the weather is bad. Wouldn’t have a dog for fulltiming.

2 years ago

That is why we have crates. But ensure you have a heavy heavy plastic bottom or steel risers on the bottom of your crate or it could look like the door in your floor.

Joseph Azzara
2 years ago

Easy solution to this, loose that mutt.

2 years ago

My daughter has four Australian Cattle Dogs. These are intelligent, high energy dogs and need excercise and attention, not to mention the need to relieve themselves.
I agree about the crate, but there is also a time period to leave them in the crate. Leaving a dog for hours on end borders on cruelty.
Boredom sets in when locked up in a small area, like an RV. They hear all the outside sounds are inquisitive.

Brian Healy
2 years ago

I once had a dog scratch its way into a house,not his, because of fireworks.It was 4th of July.

2 years ago

called a crate. Most of the dog people I know, many of whom breed and show dogs, crate-train them from puppyhood. Ask any dog-trainer. Our dog sees her crate as a safe sanctuary and stays there calmly and happily when we’re out.

2 years ago
Reply to  Beth

First bit was cut off,,,
There’s a simple solution to this problem. It’s (called a crate)

2 years ago

Y’all are all so hateful. That’s why my only friend is my lab-pei preacher and he has done the same thing and I know my dog isnt neglected! He’s my best friend we go everywhere together 99% of the time we sleep together he’s the most spoiled loved dog on the planet probably but there are some places he just can’t go with me and one time I thought I could lock him in my RV until I got back. NOPE busted the bottom of the door out and was running rampant when I returned home. And to the person that said dog pound I hope you NEVER get a pet in your life with a mindset like that. What if you made one mistake as a child and your parents said I don’t care how long we’ve had him! ORPHANAGE!. And to the person saying don’t blame the dog this person CLEARLY isn’t blaming the dog they are simply sharing the pics because they are cute/they show you what a shitty door that is. The author of the post even POINTED OUT if a dog can get out what might can get in.

Tom Moeller
4 years ago

These photos have been all over the Internet.There is not one mark on that dog.Beleive what you want.

marty chambers
4 years ago

Don’t blame the dog for the bad behavior, blame the owner for being stupid. These type dogs get bored easily and have bad separation anxiety when you are gone.

I think the take away should be what a POS this RV is. If the door cannot keep a dog in how is it going to keep a thief or wild animal out? A bear would have made rubble out of this RV if it smells food inside. Want to bet what large company owns this RV maker?

You get what you pay for.

1 year ago
Reply to  marty chambers

Wow, I looked at the letters next to the door SVF276 and searched for and is a Forest River…wow…

4 years ago

I have one word…..Sad

4 years ago

If you’ve ever done any research on owning an Australian Cattle Dog, one of the most common phrases is “tends to become destructive if bored”. Personally I wouldn’t leave any dog alone in an RV for more than a few minutes; if I’m not in the RV then neither is my dog. I don’t believe it’s fair for the dog or for your neighbors. But if you do, there are certain breeds that you should just plain avoid. The ACD is one of them.

4 years ago

Often a sign of a desperately neglected and bored dog. Keeping one locked inside an RV for many hours while owner off doing who-knows-what, and no way for dog to relieve himself, suggests this dog deserves a more responsible new owner.
If you travel with pets, you should know what are their needs and anxieties, and plan for that. Not wait for one to claw his way through a screen door plus a locked MH door just to get fresh air and a taste of freedom. Neglect shows itself many ways. This is one of them.

Lisa Adcox
2 years ago
Reply to  Liz

People leave their dogs everyday in stick built houses ad some dogs tear curtains down and more. If you live fulltime in an RV then you may not be able to take your dog everywhere you go. Like grocery store or restaurants.
I see this picture when the lady who owned this dog posted it. She was more worried about her dog than her door. I do not feel it was abused or neglected. She was only gone a very short period of time.
It was sad but does not mean neglect.

4 years ago

I don’t care how long they had this DOG! Can you say DOG POUND!

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