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Don’t gamble with your restraurant budget: Try a casino buffet

By Bob Difley

If you’re not a gambler and you’ve never been to Las Vegas, Biloxi or Atlantic City, you may not realize the full-scale delights of a casino buffet.

The hotels and casinos figure that you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t engage in gaming, and they want you to choose their casino to spend your gaming dollars — but there’s no rule that says you have to gamble.

The casinos figure that if they offer the best deals on where to eat, you’ll probably hang around to drop a few coins in their slots, or digest that huge meal you just ate by sitting at the black jack table. And they’re right — that’s just what people do. Therefore, the casinos keep coming up with fantastic, low-cost buffets to draw you in. The food quality and variety just keep getting better, some including low-fat choices and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The cost of these buffets is laughably low — stomach-filling breakfasts for $3.99, all-you-can-eat dinner buffets for under ten dollars. It would be hard to eat at home (at least the same volume) for these prices. And it is especially good for expense cutting if you don’t then move on into the gaming rooms.

When you’re passing through one of these cities or any others where gambling is legal — including most of Nevada — this is a good way to eat cheap. If you are immune to the draw of overeating and gambling, or limit the amount you gamble to an exact amount that you free up out of your entertainment budget, you can also enjoy a free lounge show or just wander around people-watching.

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